Step up and lead with the MultDems

The Declaration of Candidacy Form closed promptly at 5pm on Friday, January 6.

All nominations submitted by that time will be published on the MultDems website by end of day on Jan 7. Officers can only be nominated in advance, by the deadline. Congressional district and state party delegates may also be nominated from the floor of the party reorganization meeting. If there are any Officer seats with no candidates, nominations will also be accepted to fill those seats during the reorganization meeting.

Save the date and watch your email: our elections take place online on January 21, 2023 starting at noon.


Need help submitting your declaration of candidacy?
If you need assistance completing and/or submitting your declaration of candidacy for any reason at all, our reorg team has volunteers who will help you! Please contact Lisa Morrison () to request assistance.

If you are interested in a delegate or officer position, raise your hand.  (Actually, declare your candidacy by completing and submitting this form.)

You can share your vision through this website and at the 2023 Multnomah Democrat Party Organization Meeting on January 21, 2023.  If you win, your commitment will help to shape the Multnomah Democrats through the presidential election of 2024.


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