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Please personalize this letter to say why you support campaign finance reform. Adding an extra sentence or two at the top makes it more impactful. 

Nearly 8 out of 10 Oregonians voted for campaign finance reform in 2020. The legislature is considering several important bills, and your support this week could make the difference!

Use this Quick-Action form to send a letter to your representatives supporting these 3 legs of the Campaign Finance Reform tripod:

HB 3343 sets contribution limits that are all-inclusive and fairly balanced.

SB 870 requires transparent, full disclosure of major contributors.

HB 2680-12 enacts small-dollar public matching.

With only 2 weeks left in this legislative session, we need as many emails and calls to legislators as possible!


Two other bills we include are: HB 3241 would create a task force to study alternative voting methods like Ranked Choice and STAR Voting, and SJR 4, a Senate Joint Resolution with the House, would send a referendum to the people to change the meeting quorum in the legislature to the more typical 50% + 1 so that a minority of members can no longer block our democratic process.

These bills are vital for the health of our democracy!