Why I Volunteer

Rosa Colquitt at Juneteenth

By Dr. Rosa Colquitt,PhD, Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon Over the past decade I have used a singular quote from civil rights icon, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as the tag line for all email communications and my personal Facebook header. Fully written into the depths of my heart are his inspiring…

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Three Easy Ways To Be a Battleground Activist

if you want to help maintain control of the US Senate, the House, and the White House, you have to engage with people in battleground states. This means reaching out directly to voters in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, etc. The good news is you can do this easily, on your own schedule, with as little or as much time as you have.

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People Power! Your Questions Answered about Volunteering

by Dannelle D. StevensElection Integrity Study Group We hope you are interested in volunteering for the Democrats! That IS how we win in the long run… People-power, your power is your activism, our power is our activism! Yet, you have to find the best way for you to contribute your energy, your time, and even…

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