Racial Inclusivity Work Group

Membership Information

What is the MultDems’ “Racial Inclusivity Work Group”?

The Racial Inclusivity Work Group (RIWG), was formed with the sole purpose of increasing and sustaining the Party’s racial diversity in ways that welcome, include, and support people of color in membership and leadership.

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This group is charged with addressing the following item in Article IV-Equality in the 2020 Multnomah County Democrats Platform:

We call for a plan within the Democratic Party of Multnomah County and within the Democratic Party of Oregon for active recruitment of people of color in membership and leadership.

Expected Outcomes

1. As an organization, MultDems will develop common knowledge, practices, and norms necessary to operate in ways that are culturally responsive, racially inclusive, and continuously reflective of equitable policies & practices.

2. Organized recruitment and retention efforts will increase the number of people of color in the MultDems’ membership and leadership.

3. MultDems will develop a replicable model for racial inclusion that will be

disseminated statewide and potentially serve as a model for Democrats nationwide.

Group Membership

  • The Racial Inclusivity Work Group is a team of Democrats whose mission is to racially diversify the Democratic Party.
  • The majority of members are people of color.
  • Committee makeup attempts to balance diversity of gender, age, and years of experience in the Democratic Party.

Membership Expectations

  • Average of one meeting per month of approximately 1.5 hours
    • Sub-committees and community events offer additional opportunities for involvement.
  • Preparatory reading
  • Commitment to work in a diverse work group led by people of color, on issues of racial equity and inclusivity, within the Democratic Party.

RIWG Seeking Voices from the Asian, Black, Indigenous, and Latinx Communities

To have a balance of voices, RIWG is actively seeking members of the Democratic Party who identify as Asian American and Pacific Islander or Latinx. If you are interested in joining our Racial Inclusivity Work Group, please click here and submit an interest form.

Click here for the RIWG membership application

Thank you,

Salomé Chimuku

GM García

Co-chairs of RIWG

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