SCC Delegation Operation Procedure

ENACTED 2/11/2017

1. Notification of attendance.

The SCC Delegation Chair shall send a minimum of 2 SCC meeting notifications via email to all delegation members. The first notice shall be sent no less than 3 weeks prior to the SCC. Delegation members shall be asked, and expected to RSVP as soon as practical.

In the event that a delegate or alternate does not respond with a definitive commitment to attend the SCC by 72 hours prior to the start of an SCC meeting, the SCC Delegation Chair shall assign as delegate the next available alternate who has indicated that s/he will attend.

If the non-responsive delegate responds in the affirmative less than 72 hour priors to the start of the SCC meeting or if the non-responsive delegate attends the SCC without confirmation notice, s/he will be assigned an alternate position unless there is an additional or unexpected absence at the delegate level.

Non-responsive delegates will still receive full attendance credit if they attend the SCC.

The 72 hour Rule shall be referenced in all SCC meeting notifications sent by the SCC delegation chair.

Adopted by both the Multnomah Democratic Party Central Committee and by the MDP SCC delegation. 2/9 and 2/11/201. Effective date: 2/11/177


While all delegation members are encouraged to attend all SCC meetings, most delegation members experience at least one conflict during their terms. Alternates should be able to anticipate when their services will be required in place of a delegates, especially when they need to plan rides and housing.