Introduction — Platform of the Multnomah County Democratic Party

Letter to Democrats

TO: The Democrats of Multnomah County
FROM: Faith Ruffing, Chair, Platform, Resolution, Legislation Committee
RE: The 2020 Platform and Legislative Action Items
DATE: December 2, 2019

The Democratic Party of Multnomah County is proud to present the final draft of the 2020 Platform prepared by the Platform, Resolutions, and Legislation Committee (PRLC) for your review. The platform is the document that governs the ideas and beliefs that we hold dear as grassroots democrats in Multnomah County.

We believe this Platform provides the foundation upon which the Multnomah County Democrats can work together in the 2020 elections to put more Democrats in office and keep the great ones we have.

The consideration and adoption of the platform occurred at the Platform Convention held at Portland Association of Teachers on November 23, 2019 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Attendees at the Convention considered and adopted the 2020 platform, as well as to compile a comprehensive list of Legislative Action Items (LAI), which are grassroots legislative ideas describing work we hope to do in the upcoming legislative sessions. The LAIs provide elected officials with a list of proposed legislation with support from grassroots activists that can be used to sponsor and support legislation at the local, state, and national level.

The PRLC Article Study Groups spent the past two years reviewing and identifying issues facing the citizens of Multnomah County. The planks and legislative action items from the 2018 platform were researched and revised, which culminated in the 2020 platform drafts. As a result of this work, five new articles were added to the Platform: Tribal Sovereignty, Historical and Ongoing Anti-Blackness in Oregon, Abuse of Power, Media and Infrastructure First and second drafts were sent to the Multnomah County Democrats for comments and suggestions, many of which were included in the final document.

I would like to thank everyone who spent their time and talents in preparing this very important vision of the future.

Yours truly,

Faith E. Ruffing
Chair, Platform, Resolution and Legislation Committee

Jil Heimensen
Chair, 2020 Platform Convention

Bobbi Yambasu
Chair, Legislative Liaison Committee

Robert Reynolds
Legislative Alignment Committee

Platform, Resolutions, and Legislation Committee Members

John Adams Ruth Jensen
Kori Allen Sally Joughin
David Altermatt Sam Kahl
Jeff Anderson Ali Krasnow
Layla Assem Austen Lethbridge-Scarl
Pina Bello Ben Levine
Gloria Bergquist Gary Lietke
Quinton Blanton Jenny Martinez
Margi Brown Deb Meyer
Greg Burrill Sharon Nasset
Salome Chimuku Mark Nerys
David Crandall Eric Paulsen
James Davis Mike Rees
James Davis Robert Reynolds
Rachelle Dixon Ron Rhew
Jan Eck Michelle Risher
Pat Eck Lurelle Robbins
Henry Exerjian Mitch Rofsky
Tracy Farwell Tim Rowan
Kevin Fitts Faith Ruffing
GM Garcia Deian Salazar
Daniel Goetz Ethan Scarl
Neil H. Goodman Michael Smith
Debbie Gordon John Sweeney
Jack Hanna Mary Thamann
Byron Harmon Catherine Thomasson
Bill Harris Spencer Trumm
Nancy Hedrick Allan Widlets
Jil Heimensen Hillari Willison
Mary Hutchins Bing Wong
Kyle Huth Beth Woodward
Bobbi Yambasu

2020 Platform Convention Attendees

Michael W. Alexander Amy Liu
David Altermatt Jenny Martinez
Layla Assem Suzanne Moore
Quinton BlantonMiguelMoseler
Margaret C. Brown Sharon Nasset
Greg Burrill Mark Nerys
Bob Callahan Margarett Peoples
Salome Chumuku Michael Rees
Rosa Colquit Robert Reynolds
James Davis Ronald Rhew
Leslie Davis Lurelle Robbins
Julia DeGraw Anthony Samuel Roberts
Serene Fung Mitch Rofsky
GM García Conrad Ronk
Dan Goetz Faith E. Ruffing
Neil H. Goodman Deian Salazar
DebbieGordon Ethan Scarl
Jack Hanna Marcia Schneider
Bill Harris Sally Sincic
Brian Harvey Tom Sincic
Robin Magill Helm Michael C. Smith
Kyle Huth Nadia Spira
Ruth Jensen Dannelle D. Stevens
Sally Joughin Mary Thamann
Sam Kahl Valerie Thibeau
Josh Kitts Catherine Thomasson
John Haris Knight John Vandermosten
Ben Lavine Shirley Vandermosten
Austen Lethbridge-Scarl Hillari Willson
Gary Lietke Bing Wong
Eileen Lipkin Beth Woodward
Roberta Yambasu
Mitch Yee