Article XII. Immigration — Platform of the Multnomah County Democratic Party


We value our nation’s diversity and recognize the contributions immigrants make to society. We welcome immigrants and refugees from all nations and economic circumstances, and we recognize the hardships people endure as the result of war, famine and climate change. Migration is not always a matter of choice, as we know from migration forced by our own territorial expansion. We believe immigration policy should reflect our Constitutional values and repel xenophobic scare tactics, religious tests and racist decision making.


  1. Children of immigrants arriving at any U.S. border should not be separated from their parents. For those unaccompanied minors seeking asylum, the U.S. should respectfully care for them during their wait for a court hearing, and not imprison them while waiting.
  2. We believe corporate and land-owner interests have tacitly encouraged undocumented immigrants by relying on their labor for decades. Those exploited, tax-paying workers, their families and other undocumented workers should have a path to legal residence and eventual citizenship.
  3. We believe the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program should be expanded, implemented and made a permanent part of Immigration Policy.
  4. We believe the wage exploitation of undocumented workers drives down wages and degrades working conditions for all workers.
  5. We believe an immigration process should be humane, racially equitable, predictable, and transparent and provide a path to legal residence and eventual citizenship.
  6. We believe that immigration policy, historically adopted to restrict or deport racially identified groups, should be free of racial disparity, xenophobia bias and religious tests. Neither arriving immigrants nor undocumented residents should be incarcerated or summarily deported without a judge-signed warrant or individual judicial order. Deportation of undocumented residents should incorporate adequate due process and not result from petty crimes.
  7. We believe that no aspect of immigrant relations or regulation should be privatized or operated for profit. For-profit businesses should not be involved in transfer, care or detention of arriving immigrants or undocumented residents, except as they provide services to any citizens.
  8. We adamantly assert constitutional provisions granting citizenship for people born in the United States to immigrant parents should not be repealed.
  9. We believe residents of the United States should get access to education, social services, healthcare, and drivers licenses regardless of immigration status. Requiring immigration documentation for these benefits enables exploitation, creating an underclass.
  10. We call for ending criminalization of efforts to help immigrants and undocumented residents.
  11. We believe border security should be reasonable, humane, and cost-effective. Large walls and fences, para-military law enforcement, and draconian searches do more harm than good, and no one should lose their life seeking a better life.
  12. We believe state and local government workers should not enforce Federal immigration laws. People should feel free to approach local government agencies for help regardless of their immigration status. Jurisdictions that protect undocumented immigrants from unjust enforcement of unjust policy should not be deprived of funding based on that protection.
  13. We oppose banning travel based on religion or ethnicity.
  14. We believe refugees should be welcomed and treated in accordance with International law.
  15. We believe that the search and signature of electronic devices and the data of any person entering the US shall not be permitted without the protection of the 4th amendment.


  1. Immigration Policy should define care as providing food, beds, humane and sanitary conditions, medical care, education and recreation. We direct the federal government to investigate and prevent the conditions and policies causing abuse and death of any individuals in custody for immigration detention.
  2. We direct the Federal government to review, regulate, and enforce and promote the guest worker program in order to protect worker rights and the health of local economies. The State and Federal governments should regulate industries to prevent exploitation of the undocumented status of workers.
  3. We call on our federal government to end privatized detention of any immigrants and refugees. Furthermore, we direct the state government to not engage in the privatized detention of refugees and immigrants in the future.
  4. We call on the State and local governments of Oregon to adopt policies that protect immigrants from unlawful enforcement of immigration laws. In addition, we call on the institutions to not participate in the enforcement of Federal immigration laws.
  5. We call on our State and Federal government officials to oppose laws and legislation that ban immigrants and refugees based on religion, race, sexual orientation, gender-identity, sex, national origin, culture, ethnicity, economic status, or health needs.
  6. We call on every member of the Oregon Congressional delegation to cosponsor and actively work for the passage of the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM Act).
  7. We call on the Oregon Congressional delegation to pass legislation that would create a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants in the United States.
  8. We call on Congress to fund sufficient and equitable legal judicial structure to handle the immigrant and refugee caseload and to provide judgement in 30 days.
  9. We call on every member of the Oregon Congressional delegation to cosponsor and actively work for Senate passage of Humanitarian Standards for Individuals in Customs and Border Protection Custody Act (H.R. 3239).
  10. We call on Congress and the Executive Branch to prevent the Department of Homeland Security from engaging in agreements with private transportation corporations to detain and search passengers.
  11. We call upon the Oregon Congressional Delegation to lead in the development of substantive reform of Immigration Policy as expressed in this document.
  12. We call on the Federal Government to never take immigrant children away from their detained parents and to reunite families that have already been separated.
  13. We oppose the detention of immigrants and refugees.