Article IV. Equity — Platform of the Multnomah County Democratic Party


The right to equitable outcomes is an important precept upon which a free society thrives. Equality, in terms of social issues, has come to mean equal treatment for all. Equity, alternatively, recognizes that treating all groups the same does not create an equal outcome.


  1. We believe in human rights should be fully protected regardless of gender, race, national origin, religion, age, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or immigration status.
  2. We believe in an unabridged Bill of Rights, Equal Pay Act, Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act and Affirmative Action.
  3. We believe that the rights adopted in the Civil Rights Amendments (13th, 14th, and 15th) should be protected.
  4. We believe in an Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) supporting equal opportunity, equal pay, and equal protection under the law for all women.
  5. We believe that pay equity is critically important and that legitimate employment opportunities must be available for all in our society.
  6. We believe that all consenting adults should have an equal right to civil marriage.
  7. We support Roe v Wade and a woman’s right to choose what is right for her own body.
  8. We want to dismantle and decolonize systems of oppression (when one group of people benefits from exploiting or abusing another group) such as those related to racism, sexism, classism, ableism, heterosexism to redress disparities.


  1. Black Lives Matter. We call for legislation that provides meaningful protection for African Americans at all levels of the justice system.
  2. We call for proactive educational programs for all law enforcement personnel and for all local, city, county, and state government personnel to safeguard black and brown lives and protect them from race-based law enforcement actions that far too often end in death.
  3. We demand equal pay for equal work for women from all employers in Multnomah County.
  4. We support proactive investigation into possible or potential discrimination in hiring, wage, or advancement opportunities.
  5. We support legislation prohibiting companies from charging women more than men for similar products and services.
  6. We demand the reintroduction and ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).
  7. We demand legislation enacting Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO) Resolution 2016-084: Regarding Transgender Healthcare into law.[1]
  8. We support funding for transgender programs and services, and the establishment of a community-led county commission for transgender issues.
  9. We call for inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity as federally protected classes that protect against discrimination, persecution, prosecution, and discrimination-enabling bathroom laws, First Amendment Defense Acts (FADAs), and Religious Freedom Restoration Acts (RFRAs).
  10. We demand that “panic” as a viable defense for crimes against gay and transgender people be banned across the country.
  11. We support non-binary self-identification on ballots with binary equity goals.
  12. We call for a plan within the Democratic Party of Multnomah County and within the Democratic Party of Oregon for active recruitment of people of color in membership and leadership.
  13. We support permanent funding for rape kit processing. Currently rape kit processing relies on special grant money, allowing for rape kits to collect evidence only to sit in storage until funding allows for processing.
  14. We support legislation that helps to protect those who are sex-trafficked and any legislation that focuses on capturing sex-traffickers and customers.
  15. We support legislation that supports paid family leave.
  16. We support legislation that eliminates racial disparities in healthcare outcomes for from pregnancy through the first year postpartum, as death rates are higher during birth especially for Black and Indigenous women.
  17. We call for legislation that supports the victims of domestic abuse.
  18. We call for legislation that supports a change in social security laws that would capture the loss of spousal or ex-spousal social security benefits.
  19. We support legislation that addresses sexual assault and sexual harassment.
  20. We call for a mandate to all levels of governmental agencies to disaggregate data to identify disparities for protected classes including race, color, religion or creed, national origin or ancestry, sex, age, physical or mental disability, veteran status, genetic information, or citizenship.
  21. We call for a mandate to governmental entities to develop and implement strategic plans for equity and close disparities.
  22. We call for the use of inclusive pronouns on public documentation.
  23. We believe that White Supremacy is a national emergency.
  24. We call for a ban on the practice of performing cosmetic surgery on infants with ambiguous genitalia unless medically necessary or until said infant has reached the age of consent.

[1] Resolution 2016-084: Regarding Transgender Healthcare, Approved Jan. 31, 2017.