Article VIII. Election Integrity and Legislative Alignment — Platform of the Multnomah County Democratic Party


Every citizen deserves full, transparent, meaningful and accountable representation at every level of government along with the fundamental, unencumbered right to vote. We vigorously support convenient, secure, and timely voter registration, casting, counting, and reporting of ballots. We support accountability for elected representatives through timely reporting of positions, and legislative rules that encourage bringing bills to legislative votes.


  1. We support national motor voter registration, automatic voter registration at age 18, and Federal policies that establish Vote-by-Mail using the United States Postal Service for all elections.
  2. We stand for the principle of one person, one vote and believe every vote in every state should be counted equally in every election. We support passage of the National Popular Vote across the nation and the abolition of the Electoral College.
  3. We believe that incarcerated citizens and those convicted of criminal or civil offenses should not lose their right to participate in elections and inform the civil discourse.
  4. We believe in federal support to improve election supervision and oversight of voting machine integrity. We support strengthening the Federal Elections Assistance Commission.
  5. We oppose gerrymandering, including prison gerrymandering, and believe that district lines should be drawn logically and methodically by an independent, non- partisan Oregon citizen’s redistricting commission. We call for gerrymandering to be tracked and measured using Efficiency Gap, with discrepancies over 5% over the subsequent 8 years resulting in a redistricting review of the district or boundary in question.
  6. We oppose voter suppression and disenfranchisement in all its forms.
  7. We support the full immediate reinstatement of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
  8. We support nationwide minimal standards for the security of all election systems that assure they are resistant to hacking, tampering, and fraud.
  9. We support clarification that all U.S. Citizens have the right to elect the office of President and Vice President.
  10. We believe that any voter roll purges must be carefully considered and controlled by an independent, nonpartisan citizen oversight commission and they must never be conducted right before an election.
  11. We support rules that encourage legislators to limit their bill submissions.
  12. We support regulated limits on political contributions.
  13. We believe in the absolute supremacy of democratic control by the governed and condemn mechanisms that undermine that principle. We demand full transparency of all state and local government and Democratic Party actions and officials.
  14. We support merit-based selection of judges by a non-partisan commission.
  15. We support the implementation of systems to create objective presidential debates managed by a non-partisan, non-profit entity.
  16. We demand the DCCC reverse its policies that hinder consultants from working for primary challengers to Democratic incumbents.
  17. We believe that no corporate entity may be assigned the rights of natural persons.
  18. We support the disclosure of any contributions to candidate campaigns that are large enough to suggest the appearance of conflict of interest if a person in that office were to participate in enacting legislation that could enhance the status of the contributor.
  19. While aware of the problem of dictatorship by the majority, we judge that the quorum requirements in the OR House and OR Senate are too high.
  20. We support making Election Day a state and national holiday
  21. We support the counting of our votes on fully voter-verifiable paper ballots, either by hand or by secure machines running open source certified software.
  22. We oppose the calling of a constitutional convention.  


  1. We demand campaign finance reform. We demand that the state Attorney General challenge corporate personhood, and that state and federal legislators pass laws and a constitutional amendment clarifying that corporations are not people and money is not speech.[1]
  2. We encourage voters to pass an Oregon constitutional amendment to allow the state to regulate political contributions and expenditures. We call for Oregon state legislation to set limits on contributions by individuals, PACS, corporations, and unions to candidates, candidate committees, political party committees and any other political committee.
  3. We support a citizen initiative measure to alter the Oregon Constitution to create a non-partisan commission that is representative of the diversity of our state which would draw Oregon and federal election district boundaries.
  4. We call on the State of Oregon to allow all incarcerated citizens to vote and call for federal legislation to automatically restore voting rights of citizens during and after incarceration.
  5. We support Federal legislation to require postage-paid Vote by Mail for all Elections.
  6. We call for every state to audit all elections in conformance with federal minimum standards that meet specifications as iterated by including risk limiting audits to a 95% confidence.
  7. We propose STAR Voting (Score Then Automatic Runoff) for Oregon statewide and local elections to effectively eliminate vote splitting and assure winners are supported by a majority of voters.
  8. We call for the creation of public funding of candidate campaigns in the State of Oregon.
  9. We support programs to assure all voters a fair and equal voice in elections, especially groups who are currently marginalized by our voting system, such as those deterred due to race, religion, political or cultural group, age, gender, or financial status, third parties, progressives, and non-affiliated voters (NAV). We encourage allowing NAVs to vote in Democratic Party primaries.
  10. We support granting full voting rights to citizens of Washington, D.C. and United States territories, and statehood to Puerto Rico upon their request.
  11. We demand the DCCC reverse it’s incumbent-protecting policy and call for the national Platform of the Democratic Party to explicitly support full suffrage for all eligible citizens, not only the right to vote but also the right to run for elected office.
  12. We demand our state legislature and Congress reintroduce the Fairness Doctrine.
  13. We support prohibiting campaign expenditures prior to one year before an election.
  14. We demand that the Oregon legislature pass and refer to voters a constitutional amendment to make the Oregon Senate and House quorum be a simple majority.
  15. We support continued promotion of essential elements of democratic elections as done by the Federal Elections Assistance Commission.
  16. We call on our legislators to enact legislation that will require disclosure in the voter’s pamphlets and all advertisements, and up-to-date disclosure in the online voter’s pamphlet, listing the five contributors to that campaign who supplied its five largest donations in excess of $500. If the donating entity received these funds from another party for the purpose of having them donated to political campaigns, then the originator of the funds must be listed even if the funds passed through multiple entities. There should be penalties for failure to accurately supply funding source information to the State sufficient to strongly discourage violations, including public listings of violators.
  17. We support legislation that requires voter-verifiable paper ballots in all elections, and tabulation software that is open source, non-proprietary, and available for public scrutiny and analysis with source code that is verified using a public method by qualified third parties independent of any political party or vendor, and that guarantees secure chains of custody so there can be no modifications after certification.

[1] H.J. Res. 48 Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the U.S. providing that the rights extended by the Constitution are the rights of natural persons only.