Join a Community Action Committee

Through active engagement, we connect and mobilize the people of our county to achieve peaceful change for a stronger, healthier community.

Below are some of the resources available through active members of the Multnomah County Democrats:

Community Action – Climate Risk Response

Tracy Farwell —

This group seeks to aggregate information, educate and inform people about the science behind climate change and how it affects our lives and economy. Our goal is to effect change in business, policies and laws to prevent and stop the damage of climate change.

Community Care Festival

Layla Assem and Debbie Gordon —

This vibrant annual event brings together the people of our community to celebrate our diverse cultures and backgrounds. They enjoy free food and activities, plus gain access to professional care services, such as eye exams and much, much more. Help us celebrate!

Multnomah County Fair

This annual event is enjoyed by thousands of Oregonians every year. It’s a fun and active way to wear our values on our “shirts”. Join us to help empower voters and to let them know the Multnomah Democratic Party is an active voice in our community.

Neighborhood Leader Program

John Knight —

The most trusted source of political information in someone you know. As Neighborhood Leaders, we reach out to our neighbors through face-to-face engagement and relationship building. Our goal is to educate and mobilize them to speak their voices through their votes and activism. Become a Neighborhood Leader!

Have questions? Contact the Community Action Committee Chair at