Thomas Karwaki


Thomas Karwaki

Candidate for:

SCC Delegate

Why I'm running.

Life long Democrat. Active party leader and volunteer since 1960 (canvasing for and meeting JFK, LBJ and HHH) and in Oregon since 2010. Co-founder of the DPO Asian & Pacific Islander Caucus, and currently serving as Secretary. Former HD 44 District Leader and current ADL. DPO SCC Delegate from 2011-2018 and 3rd CD Delegate from 2013-2020. Current active member of DPO Environment, Labor, Election Integrity Caucuses, and previously the Education (Secretary) and Health Care caucuses.

I enjoy SCC meetings and promise to attend every meeting. I promise to listen to PCPs and voters and will visit every HD committee in Multnomah County.

I am committed to the Democratic Party of Oregon be effective, accountable, and reflective of the electorate. I will work to expand our engagement of emerging groups. Knocking on over 2,500 doors to elect 5 Vietnamese Americans to the Oregon House and Tina Kotek as Governor and the Mississippi Fair booth were my highlights of 2022.