Spencer James Trumm


Spencer James Trumm

Candidate for:

SCC Delegate

Why I'm running.

As a longtime organizer and veteran of nine political campaigns, I hope to bring my experience and perspective as an activist and leader to serve the SCC and represent Multnomah County.
In my work as a community organizer with East County Rising Community Projects, I seek out and amplify unheard voices to drive progressive change at the local and state levels. In 2020, I served as Field Director for Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s Secretary of State primary campaign and Multnomah County’s Universal Preschool ballot measure campaign in the general election. From 2017-2020, I assisted Eddy Morales with his national political advising work and victorious campaigns for Gresham City Council. Before that, I worked on various local causes and campaigns, including raising the minimum wage, expanding voter access, and supporting farmworker rights.
I believe in meeting people where they are to bring them together for freedom and justice. Sometimes, that’s meant going door-to-door to help new voters resolve their challenged ballots. Other times, it’s meant building a network of people across rural Central and Eastern Oregon whose lives had been touched by addiction, then leading them in testifying and lobbying legislators for better funding for recovery services. And sometimes, it’s meant going out in the streets to walk picket lines and stand with protesters against economic injustice and institutional racism.
I currently serve as one of Multnomah County’s delegates to the SCC, where I sit on the Platform & Resolutions Committee. In these capacities and more, I stand for universal human rights, and for policies that reflect and protect them.
If elected, I promise to bring to the SCC the same dedication I bring to my current professional and volunteer political work. I will be an active and activist delegate and look forward to working together to make our party, state, and country more progressive. I would be honored to earn your vote!