Miguel G Moseler


Miguel G Moseler

Candidate for:

SCC Delegate

Why I'm running.

Please vote for me for State Central Committee. I bring to the table my experience from non-profits to business to farming to teaching to volunteering in many organizations including the Red Cross, mental health, global health initiative, education for all, and empowering women. I am working on putting mechanisms in place to support Black and Brown women in leadership. Part of my work is to continue to protect the constitution of the United States by helping to elect women of color who are fundamental cornerstones of the Democratic Party. I bring together many communities around the state of Oregon, and reach out to sister cities, states, and territories. My focus in the state of Oregon is to work with the voters who have been left behind or disenfranchised, using my skills to revise bylaws and create opportunity for the new generation and women in leadership. My job is to direct the party to eliminate anti-Semitic behavior, anti-LGBTQ+ behavior and protect transgender Black women, Native American women, and women’s rights. Part of my platform is to find a common ground to work with different leaders around the state that includes working with unions, school boards, farmers, small businesses, women-owned businesses, Latino-owned business, and Native American-owned businesses to create a sustainable working class and sustainable economy. As a candidate I want to pass policies and a platform that eliminate discrimination in any type or form. Also to promote the statehood of Puerto Rico by encouraging the relationship between Oregon and Puerto Rico and other territories including those in the Pacific Islands. And to create a state for Palestinian people and protect our natural resources by promoting green, sustainable energy and buildings. Finally, democracy has to be defended in many ways, including by passing the baton to the younger generation and part of my job is to prepare the way for Generation Z and pass legislation to reduce the voting age to 16.