Michael C Smith


Michael C Smith

Candidate for:

SCC Delegate

Why I'm running.

Democrats have a lot to celebrate this year, but there’s still work to be done. Statewide the Democrats are still weak in less urban areas, including East Multnomah County. This isn’t for lack of opportunity. We had great candidates in HD52 and SD26 that couldn’t get money or volunteers from the PACs, costing us – Multnomah County – two more possible Democratic seats. The situation downballot is better, but only marginally.

As a Caucus Chair I have tried to make the situation better, but there’s only so much the Caucuses can do. It’s up to County parties to do the heavy lifting.

As an SCC member I have formed relationships with Democrats all over the State, from Grant County to Coos Bay, Astoria to Harney County. I have knocked on doors and text banked from Hood River to Roseburg. We know there are great Democrats out there and that they can make great gains with some logistical help. I will continue to push for better organizing and better funding for Democrats in “red” areas. The Bus Project was the right idea; we can and should expand on that.

In addition, I will fight for preserving Green economic growth, establishing Health Care for All Oregonians, restoring the timber levies that used to pay for rural services, and passing evidence-based gun safety laws.

Please read more about me at MikeSmithForOregon.com. I hope I have your support.