Michael Burleson (they/them)


Michael Burleson (they/them)

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Why I'm running.

Hi, I’m Michael Burleson. I’m 29 years old, I practice criminal law as a public defender, and I have lived in Multnomah County since 2016 when I first began law school at Lewis & Clark. My experience in the Democratic Party began in my birth state of Texas when I was a state delegate during the 2015 primary. I became a PCP in Multnomah County after the 2016 election and worked on the Rules Committee until 2018 when I became Chair of the Rules Committee until 2020.

During my time as Rules Chair, we drafted our local party’s first anti-harassment, discrimination, and bullying policy. We passed a standing rule to hold candidates accountable to our platform. We passed STAR voting making us the first county party in the state to do so. I am well aware of how our organization operates and how important it is to welcome members and champion their ideas. If elected, I am prepared to hit the ground running.

As Chair, I will run equitable and efficient meetings using my knowledge of Robert’s Rules and my experience as MCD Rules Chair. I will hold candidates accountable to our party platform while continuing to support all Democrats in critical elections in Multnomah County. Lastly, I will increase our party’s grassroots involvement by promoting direct action, particularly through attending organized labor events and peaceful protests.

Thank you for your time and consideration.