Mary V. Rarick


Mary V. Rarick

Candidate for:

SCC Delegate

Why I'm running.

Mary Rarick is a super connector, producer and a catalyst. She communicates fearlessly to make connections, build trust and be a catalyst for change.

Leveraging her guilt and rage hangover from 2016, she stepped out of her introverted shell and began participating in grassroots political events. Since then she’s learned that even when she’s terrified, there’s a huge payoff in showing up, making mistakes, and doing her best. That’s how she’s changing the world.

Mary is running for State Central Committee delegate because she believes that for democracy to work for all of us it must include all of us. She is passionate about protecting our democracy and our planet; that we all deserve equal rights including the right to bodily autonomy; that folks deserve living wage jobs, affordable drugs and health care. I am energized when elevating others and making folks feel like they belong.