Mark Hnath


Mark Hnath

Candidate for:

CD3 Delegate

Why I'm running.

I am interested in becoming a 3rd Congressional District Committee Delegate to forward the Democratic priorities of our great state and to help pave a path forward for the next generation of leaders. Additionally, the political values that I value most include the following:
– Climate change & environmental justice
– Improvements in our system to allow for more representative democracy (i.e., term limits, campaign finance reform, youth leadership outreach)
– Addressing wealth & income inequalities
– Access to affordable healthcare
– Supreme Court reforms
– Fiscally responsible progress

Why should I be elected to this position? In two words, my passion and experience.

I am passionate about making a difference. As a father of two, I want to leave a world full of possibilities to the next generation so that they can live the “American Dream”. Maximizing these opportunities includes ensuring that educational, financial, and representative leadership opportunities for the next generation are an explicit focus of our party.

From an experience perspective, I have worked in the public sector, private sector, and as a volunteer.

My public service to date includes the following:
– Served as a member of the National Guard for eight years
– Obtained my Master’s Degree in Public Administration to make a difference from “within”.
– Volunteered in my community in the following capacities:
– Portland Public School PTA member
– Meals-on-Wheels driver
– Habitat for Humanity builder
– Multnomah Democratic party Precinct Committee Person for the past two terms and as an election canvasser.
– Am an active member of local environmentally-focused groups.
– A leadership team member of a National Institutes of Health program to standardize clinical trial procedures.

I appreciate your consideration.