Lurelle Robbins


Lurelle Robbins

Candidate for:

CD1 Delegate

Why I'm running.

Vote for Lurelle for SCC and CD 1 – I will continue to work to resolve the Urban-Rural divide and the divides brought on by income inequality and historical constructs of racism, orientation etc.

I am the recent Past Chair of The Democratic Party of Multnomah County where my inputs can be observed in “Empowering People” and our Mission and Vision Statements.

I have been a long time advocate for workers rights and fair wages; negotiated with management , let strike actions and media efforts to gain the support for said actions. I have been in EMS and a Paramedic for 28 years where I fought for improved services including 911, trama system implementation while negotiating with and lobbying City Council members for important votes.

I have worked with county elections officials and have been active in The Democratic Parties of San Diego and Multnomah Counties where I currently serve on the SCC, I have served on CD 1 as Secretary for 2 terms and Treasurer for 1 term.

We must address the Urban-Rural divide (born and raised in the polar opposite county of Malheur,), and Income inequality by reactivating all our communities to oppose war, censorship, government and oligarch propaganda and surveillance. All this so that we can effectively “Empower People” to focus our energy and money on serving We The People.