Kelly McCurdy


Kelly McCurdy

Candidate for:

1st Vice Chair

Why I'm running.

I have always been energized by and eager to engage in political activism. As a young woman, raised in a heavily conservative home, I immediately sought out and eventually led my university’s College Republicans Club as a Student Senator and eventually as President. As my education expanded and life experiences accumulated, I became close friends with the President of the College Democrats and became a teacher in a Title I middle school, which swiftly and indelibly transformed my understanding of the world around me, and shifted my political alignment. A decade later, I seek opportunities to nurture passions for pursuing equity in public education and the advancement of women and my BIPOC and LGBTQIA community members, and now represent my district as a Precinct Committee Person and District Leader in the Multnomah County Democrats.

In my first term as a PCP and DL, I have learned much about the inner workings of our county party. I believe that this position as 1st Vice Chair for our is the best way to leverage my personal skill set in service of our party.

My fresh perspective, organization, soft skills, and professional background make me a strong candidate to support the vision and goals of the party and the work of the Chair. I have experience with program implementation and management that make me a strong teammate and resource for articulating and executing these goals. My professional background as a teacher and as a member of the private sector in education technology have equipped me with the technological and communications skills to work effectively with a variety of different public groups and communities, in live and virtual settings.

I also have a great deal of professional experience in virtual facilitation. I believe that my expertise in this area can be directly applied to lessening a barrier to entry of our party by reflecting on and refining our process for hosting, participating in, advertising and attending meetings.

Lastly, one of the primary duties of the 1st Vice Chair is to implement regular trainings for our PCPs. My background in education, including teaching English Language Learners, and career experience in Education Technology and Adult Education uniquely equips me to create a multi-pronged strategy to engage, inform, and equip our PCPs in sustainable ways that reduce barriers to entry, thus attracting and retaining PCPs representing a broader demographic spectrum.

I have a vision of working closely with the Communications Committee and leveraging my position as Community Action and Engagement Vice Chair to update and streamline recruitment and to retain more young people, BIPOC and LGBTQIA community members to our ranks.

Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy and thank you for your engagement!