Kavan Bahrami

Kavan Bahrami

Candidate for:

CD3 Delegate

Why I'm running.

Hello, fellow Precinct Committee Person.

My name is Kavan Bahrami. I’m running to represent you as a delegate at the State Central Committee and for Congressional District 3. If elected, this would be my second term as a delegate for both.

I enjoy being active with the Multnomah County Democrats and have enjoyed being able to stand for our shared values along with the rest of our county delegation.

Some of you might know me as the current county Voter Action Network coordinator (we need more people trained on the system, so please reach out). I also actively volunteer with the Racial Inclusivity Work Group and the Communications Team.

If you think I would be a decent stand-in for your voice at these meetings, please consider voting for me as one of your representatives. Thank you for your time and consideration.