Ian Maurer


Ian Maurer

Candidate for:

CD3 Delegate

Why I'm running.

I’m a teacher, parent, and active Democrat in Multnomah County. I’ve been interested in politics for a long time, but I used to just be a voter and consumer of news. The last few election cycles I have been more interested in organizing and canvassing and have participated in various phone banks, text banks, and door-to-door engagement. In 2022 I was a neighborhood leader and really fell in love with voter engagement. It was so cool to interact with my neighbors, discuss issues, and get out the vote for Democrats. My neighborhood had over 90% voter turnout among registered Democrats. I also did a lot of canvassing for Tina Kotek, and found it to be a rewarding (and sometimes challenging) experience.

As a teacher, I’m a leader in my department, school, union, and district, and I challenge systems to work better for our kids and families. I’ve participated in Teacher for a Day and hosted Rep. Nosse and Candidate Kreisman, showing them what a day in high school is like and advocating for more support for schools.

As a parent, I’m concerned about the city, state, and country that my toddler is inheriting, and I’m committed to acting to make it better. I want to make sure she has good schools to attend, affordable housing, employment opportunities, and a clean and stable environment.

I would deeply value this opportunity to engage more with the work Democrats are doing, specifically the great work Congressman Blumenauer does for Oregonians. Thanks for your consideration.