Gary Lietke


Gary Lietke

Candidate for:

SCC Delegate

Why I'm running.

Vote for Gary, SCC Delegate
• Steps up, shows up, does the work
• Hell-bent on “progress” in “progressive”
• Driven to vision, strategic planning, research, data, best practices
DPO priorities:
• GRASS ROOTS over top-down decision-making
• INCLUSIVE full-throat representation and recruiting across ALL demographics
• Serious mutual EMPATHIC listening and dialog
• TRANSPARENT policy & operation
• People Democracy, Not Money and Corporate Domination
high energy 8 yr MCD PCP journey:
• SCC delegate & alternate who always attends
• Honest Elections-Campaign Finance Reform Coalition
• DPO & MCD Platform & Election Integrity committees/caucus
• MCD Chair Community Action & Engagement
• HD44 HDL
• strong recruiter of reliable, volunteer talent and advocacy
Professional career includes major diversity & program mgt, research & data analysis