Deian Salazar


Deian Salazar

Candidate for:

SCC Delegate

Why I'm running.

A New Oregon. A Just Oregon. An Oregon For All.

I’m Deian Salazar, a member of the Oregon Commission on Autism. As the 22 Year Old Autistic son of a working class mother descended from Mexican immigrants from Utah in the 30’s with Pueblo and I have been in the foster care system for over a decade , I have experienced fighting for equal justice as a lifelong fight.

I am a true Progressive, with a strong independent streak.

I’m focused on expanding diversity (Including Neurological!), elevating rural voices as well as investing in red, rural areas.

The big five of my strongest favored policies that I will list here are:

-A Bigger Green New Deal

-M4A+Mental Health

-Living Wage/UBI+ taxing rich

-Reimagining Education as a tool for growth, self exploration, and create a kinder gentler community+Free School

-Establishing housing as a Human Right and creating immediate solutions to the housing crisis such as rent control, public housing, and multi generational housing.

We have much work to do, and I am going to fight until I drop to see these come true. We can do it, together, if we expand representation and work together.

That is why I’m asking for your vote, and am proudly endorsed by Rosa Colquitt DPO Vice Chair, Multdems Rules Chair Michael Smith, County Commission Chair-Elect Jessica Vega Pederson, Lisa Wolf, and many others.

I would be honored to represent the Multdems, ASD Community, and all the other communities I’m a part of on the Oregon SCC. Thank you.

-Deian Salazar