Britton Taylor


Britton Taylor

Candidate for:

Communications Officer

Why I'm running.

I’m a PCP from HD 45 (Rose City!) and have been a proud member of the Multnomah Democrats since 2020. As a professional, I’ve worked in marketing and communications for over twenty years, and thus I’ve been a part of the Comms team from the start. For a time I served as Co-Chair of the Campaign Committee, and in 2022 I was elected Communication Officer.

I have come to learn that local politics are vital, and in a short period of time I believe I have made a big impact on this organization. In 2020 I helped to organize a series of online “Meet and Greets” with over twenty local candidates and our members. As Comms Officer, my team has revitalized our social channels. More recently I played a key role in doubling the number of recurring donors to our party, and I was also a member of the Celsi Planning Committee. I am particularly proud of my initiative to bring twenty local progressive high school students to the Celsi event. This is a tradition I would like to continue moving forward.

However, our work is not done. If re-elected, the following would be my top priorities for the Mult Dems:

1) Diversify our ranks with younger members and people of color. In order to champion and fight for true Democratic values, the Mult Dems body must be more representative of Democrats overall.

2) Forge stronger community partnerships. We are not an island and must tighten our relationships with Unions, Nonprofits and Electeds so that we are fully informed and more deeply engaged in our communities.

3) Make Central Committee meetings more inclusive, inspiring and productive. Our meetings often feel like a slog, causing many members to disengage from our work. I’m willing to explore any and all options to retool our approach to make these meetings something that energizes people vs a chore that leaves people drained.

4) Take Mult Dem social channels to the next level. We’ve established a strong foundation in social media, but I want to explore some ideas for original content that could amplify community engagement and even serve as the start of a new fundraising platform for the party.

I look forward to serving the Multnomah Democrats once again, and I would very much appreciate your vote for Communications Officer!