Resources for Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs)

The current PCP election has concluded, but that won’t hold you back from becoming a PCP NOW. Learn about how to get appointed at any time

Welcome to the Multnomah Democrats and thank you for serving as a Precinct Committee Person (PCP). As a PCP, you are a member of the County Central Committee (CC), the governing body of the Democratic Party of Multnomah County. This body meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month. As a PCP, you have a voice and vote in the party’s internal structure, including voting on resolutions, bylaws, and officers.

Stay in touch

MultDems general contact
(503) 248-0826 |
3551 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland, OR 97232

If you have questions, reach out to your District Leader (DL) or to officers. They are here to help you be effective and get involved. Find out your district leader and get to know them!

Your District is the State House District (HD) you occupy. Frequently, at meetings, PCPs will identify themselves by their House District or precinct when they introduce themselves.

Find your district and precinct.

How to stay connected

Make sure that you are able to receive Multnomah Democrat emails. They include new, announcements of meetings, and opportunities to get engaged.

  1. Click this link
  2. In the form, enter your email.
  3. Check your email inbox and open the email from Lurelle Robbins
  4. Click the link in the email you receive
  5. On the page that opens, update your information.

Social Media

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Things you can do

There are lots of issues we want to work on. To help organize that work we have Committees comprised of PCPs like you. Take a look at the list below and if any of these committees interest you, reach out to the committee chairs and get involved. They would all love to hear from you.

Budget and Finance
Campaign and Candidate,
Community Action,
Platform, Resolutions, Legislation,
LGBT Caucus,
Neighborhood Leader Program,
Racial Inclusivity,
Young Democrats,

Propose a Resolution (Bylaws Article IX, Standing Rule 11)

Propose an Amendment (Bylaws Article X)

  • Any PCP may propose amendments to the bylaws or the standing rules.
  • Amendments must be given to the recording secretary at the CC meeting occuring the month before they are voted on. Bylaws amendments will be passed by a ⅔ vote; Standing Rule amendments will be passed by a majority vote.

Propose a Special Committee (See Article VII § 5)

Important documents

There are three important documents to know as a PCP: Platform, Bylaws, and Rules.

Party Officers

Every two years, at a reorganization meeting (called “reorg” for short), we elect seven officers. Reach out to them with any questions you may have. They are here to help you be more effective.

Vice-Chair 1,
Vice-Chair 2,
Communications Officer,
Recording Secretary,
Technology Officer,

Thank you for participating. Remember: our core job is to participate in our precincts with Democratic voters. If you have questions, reach out to anyone in the organization. We foster a culture of collaboration and sharing.