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MultDems Communications Mission & Policies

It is the Mission of the MultDems Communications team to:

  • facilitate communications between members
  • facilitate the faithful communication of messages from our administrators and committees to the larger membership
  • increase awareness in the general community of MultDems activities and position on issues
  • faithfully communicate messaging from our organization to citizens of our region and state
  • facilitate the capacity of our members to communicate with local, state, and national decision-makers to advocate for policies positions as staked out in our platform

This can only happen successfully and sustainably through the volunteer efforts of dozens of members who step up to take on roles and tasks determined by the Communications team in accordance with our operating guidelines and under the direction of the elected Communications Officer. Those guidelines allow each of our committees and editors to be self-directing, although we also often use our own internal communication channels (primarily Slack) to check in with each other in a collective gate-keeping process to determine what items we include in various communication channels.  Consider joining the Comms Team. It’s impactful, fun and rewarding.

Submission Guidelines

Because of the tremendous amount of work involved in meeting the numerous communication objectives laid out above, particulary as it relates to the nearly three dozen committees of our organization, the Comms team has limited capacity to generate content for most of the communications being passed between members or from members to decision-makers or the general public. Instead, we commit ourselves to facilitate the capacity of our members to reach their intended audience with their messages while also relying on those members to originate the content of that messaging. While we may edit material before sending it out, we request that committees not expect us to research and develop content for you.

Event Announcements: Who, What, Where, When, Why, How

When making a request that the Comms team communicate information from your committee to the general membership or the wider world, please write up your message as you envision it going out.  Include important details, such as who the intended audience is (PCPs or all members, for example) and who it is from (your committee or Multnomah Democrats), and what it’s about. If you are promoting an event, where is the event happening and when (both date and time). You might also include information on why it’s important. Sometimes, you may want to include details like how people might carpool and what they might want to bring. Timing is important; please share your event news at least 2 weeks prior whenever possible.

Imagine reading your message for the first time without knowing anything about it, and ask yourself what information would you want to see in order to be informed enough to take action.

Articles for the blog or County Democrat Reader

If you want to see the MultDems blog focus on a particular topic, we invite work group and committee chairs to submit articles, which the Admin team will evaluate and respond to.

The Comms committee is focused on communicating what’s going on in the County party, sharing news about upcoming events, meetings, candidate trainings, etc. Occasionally, the Admin team and special guests will share opinions and issues on the blog.

If you enjoy writing articles, consider working with other writers producing the County Democrat Reader to generate original material. Visit them on Medium: .

Promoting on Social Media

If you want to see your event or issue promoted on our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), try to devise pithy messaging, ideally with an image. The Comms team has developed artwork templates in Canva, which are easy to use and to add your event information and artwork.

Please ask the Comms Team for help. The more you can provide material to share, the more likely the volunteer team will be able to share important news, action items and information. Email us  with plenty of lead time at

Submit News & Share Your Story

Do you have news or other item to share with Multnomah Democrats.  Submit your news at the following link. Read below for information on the party's communications mission and policies.

How to join a Central Committee meeting

2nd THURSDAY of each month
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

* After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting *