Member Spotlights

Robin Denburg

Why I Am a Democrat: Robin Denburg

By Beth Blenz-Clucas | January 15, 2022

A Portlander since the 1990s, Robin was recently elected Assistant District Leader for House District 42 (replacing Spencer Trumm, who moved to a new district). Robin is a Realtor and an avid supporter of green building and sustainability with an Earth Advantage Green Realtor Certification.  He says that he got involved with Multnomah County Democrats to help…

Member Spotlight: Laurie Wimmer

By Guest Contributor | November 11, 2021

Laurie Wimmer, a dedicated activist for public education and one of the key architects of Oregon’s Student Success Act. talks about why local action is important.

Member Spotlight: Ruth Jensen (Tlingit)

By Guest Contributor | October 14, 2021

Ruth Jensen is a member of the Central Committee for the Oregon Democratic Party, and a dedicated MultDems PCP and work group member here in Multnomah County. As part of our Member Spotlight series, we asked Ruth a few questions to learn why she is a Multnomah County Democrat. Lately, she has been deeply involved…

Member Spotlight: Michael Smith

By James Davis | August 20, 2021

Why did you become involved in the Democratic Party of Multnomah County? I had always been peripherally involved with politics – mostly blogging and then volunteering in campaigns here and there – but after Trump happened, I knew I had to get back in. Nothing less than American democracy was at stake. So, I became…

Member Spotlight: Marcia Schneider

By Member Submission | June 11, 2021

What are the different roles you have served in the Democratic Party? Currently, I am a Precinct Committee Person, Vice Chair 1 for Multnomah County Democrats,  and a member of the State Central Committee Budget Committee. Recently, I was District Leader for HD 48/51, and campaign committee volunteer organizing voter registration and election volunteers for…

Lew Frederick

Member Spotlight: Senator Lew Frederick

By Member Submission | June 11, 2021

Oregon Senator Lew Frederick answers a few questions about why he is a Democrat.

Member Spotlight: Rep. Khanh Pham

By Member Submission | May 14, 2021

They say that democracy is a garden that must be tended to; when it is well kept, it is beautiful, thriving, blooming with color. But when you let the weeds and hate grow beneath the surface, it suffocates everything. None of this caretaking happens without ordinary people putting in the work, and leading decision-makers to understand what is being felt day to day.

Member Spotlight: Cayle Chiang Tern

By Member Submission | April 20, 2021

Democrats need to be involved at the local level because we are more than a political party. As a democrat, I believe in people driven policies and it is important that we influence our institutions at every level because there is inequities and injustices at every level. We need the Democrat Party to invest and help the API communities increase activism and develop leaders

Member Spotlight: Britton Taylor

By Member Submission | April 20, 2021

I believe it’s important for Dems to become involved at the local level because it’s a way for us to stay truly engaged with our communities and to be a part of building neighborhoods that are diverse, equitable, safe and prosperous. Local politics affect our everyday lives. It’s the easiest way to enact change, and it’s the best way to influence change at the state and national levels.

Member Spotlight: Sara Wolk

By Member Submission | March 16, 2021

Democracy is about empowering the people and democratic process begins at the bottom. Our power comes from our grassroots and our community. Strong local roots are everything. We can’t wait for others to do this for us. The time is now and you are the person you’ve been waiting for…

~ Sara Wolk, PCP an SCC Delegate

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