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Health Care for ALL Oregon

Universal Health Care: It’s Oregon’s Moment

By Guest Contributor | July 8, 2022

by Thomas Sincic For many Oregonians, health care is a struggle. People delay medical care and ration out medications because they can’t afford them. Universal health care remains the #1 Priority Legislative Action Item for the Democratic Party in Oregon: The need to fight for this basic right is also highlighted by two recent reports:…

Press Release: SCOTUS Ruling on Reproductive Freedom

By Britton Taylor | June 24, 2022

By overturning Roe v. Wade, the United States Supreme Court has shown its true colors as a radicalized judicial body that’s completely at odds with the will of the American people. PORTLAND, OR – APRIL 18, 2022 – For forty-nine years, abortion rights have been protected in the United States. Today, a radicalized Supreme Court…

“Freedom”: Remembering the First Juneteenth

By Rosa Colquitt | June 15, 2022

by Rosa Colquitt, PhD, Democratic Party of Oregon Vice Chair, DPO Black Caucus Chair On June 17, 2021, President Joe Biden said these words on the occasion of signing legislation into law establishing June 19th as Juneteenth National Independence Day:  “I have to say to you, I’ve only been president for several months, but I think…


Reflections on the First Official Juneteenth in Oregon

By Damien Grace | June 6, 2022

by Damien Grace Covid 19, multiple mass shootings, fuel prices, inflation, Ukraine, homeless crisis, monkey pox, baby formula, Fentanyl overdose, drought, midterms, Roe v. Wade, gun control, increased murder rate, Critical Race Theory, defunding the police and on and on…these are what the news headlines in our country for 2022 have been so far. Right…

Rosa Colquitt at Juneteenth

Why I Volunteer

By Rosa Colquitt | June 2, 2022

By Dr. Rosa Colquitt,PhD, Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon Over the past decade I have used a singular quote from civil rights icon, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as the tag line for all email communications and my personal Facebook header. Fully written into the depths of my heart are his inspiring…

Betsy Johnson, Guns and TEDx

By Multco Dems | May 31, 2022

by Julio Castilleja Betsy Johnson is likely to be an Independent candidate for Oregon governor this November. Over the weekend, she made a surprise appearance in front of the crowd at TEDx in Portland, and, when pressed on gun reform by the audience, said that “the style of the gun doesn’t dictate the legality.” She said this…

Sensible Gun Safety Laws: What Can We Do?

By Guest Contributor | May 19, 2022

Learn easy ways to help get sensible gun safety regulations on the November ballot.

Three Easy Ways To Be a Battleground Activist

By Guest Contributor | May 18, 2022

if you want to help maintain control of the US Senate, the House, and the White House, you have to engage with people in battleground states. This means reaching out directly to voters in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, etc. The good news is you can do this easily, on your own schedule, with as little or as much time as you have.

Thank you to Polaris Dance Theatre: 2022 Candidates Forum

By Multco Dems | May 12, 2022

For the first time since the pandemic, Multnomah County Democrats hosted a live forum with candidates for city and county positions on April 28 at Polaris Dance Theatre in NW Portland, We thank Polaris Dance Theatre for donating the space and facilities for our return to live candidates events. Multnomah County Democrats Chair Julio Castilleja stated, “On behalf of…

League of Minority Voters State of Civil Rights Forum: A Report

By Guest Contributor | May 11, 2022

By David Burnell On May 5th at Portland’s DoubleTree Hotel was the 12th annual League of Minority Voters State of Civil Rights Candidate Forum. It was an evening of panel dialogue, candidate pitches, awards, and a celebration of civil rights champions.  The organization was founded in 2007 by Promise King, a Black man who is…