Multnomah Democrats 2021 Platform Convention

The Platform, Resolution and Legislation Committee is beginning the work of drafting the 2022 MCD Platform and would like your input over the next few months as we develop the Planks for the Articles that will form the Platform for the Convention to be held on November 6, 2021.

The Platform is a compilation of statements of our basic beliefs and principles that guides our positions on legislation at the federal, state and local level.

These statements or Planks are organized around themes or Articles such as Education or Economy. Each Article has a Preamble or summary of the Plank ideas. A Preamble for the whole document describes the relationship of the Articles within the document.

The companion to the Platform is the Legislative Action Items. These are suggestions from the PRLC for specific legislation we think would address the ideas described in the Planks and are used to advise and encourage Legislators on the work we would like to see them undertake.

The PRLC is organized into Study Groups, one for each Article, who follow the legislation pertaining to the Planks in their Article and report to the Central Committee on pertinent legislative activity.

The first step in drafting the 2022 Platform will be to update the Planks from the 2020 Platform. The Study Groups have reviewed and updated the planks for each Article and their work can be seen here:

We welcome your comments on the Planks until August 20th. These comments will be incorporated by the SG and the PRLC to form the First Draft which will be posted in September for further comment

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