Multnomah County Democrats (MCD) Elect Congressional District One and Five Delegates

At the January 13 organizational meeting, Multnomah County Democrats (MCD) elected delegates to represent us to Congressional District One and Five.

These delegates join the advisory committee that meets with their representative to the U.S. House or Representatives.  

Our delegates are community voices for our Congressional representatives. They have the opportunity to regularly consult with the office of — and frequently the very person of — their congressional Representative.

Congressional District 1 is represented by Rep. Susan Bonamici. Kurt Schrader represents Congressional District 5.

The role touches national politics; the chairs of the Congressional District Committees serve as Presidential Electors during a Presidential Election year.

Any registered Democrat who resides in Oregon can run for the position of Congressional Delegate and have the opportunity to provide a direct voice to their representative in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Below is the list of winning candidates (and alternates) from each district:

Congressional District 1 Representatives from Multnomah County

  • Cindy Smith
  • Matt Laas
  • Bill Harris

CD-1 Alternates

1-Kathy Jackson
2-David Altermatt
3-Julie Peterson

Congressional District 5 Representatives from Multnomah County

  • Paul Sardoch
  • Rachel Harris