Multnomah County Democrats Elect State Central Committee Delegates

January 15, 2019

At the January 13 Organizational Meeting, Multnomah County Democrats (MCD) Precinct Committee Persons voted for our party’s representation to the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO).

State Central Committee delegates represent Multnomah County Democrats to the Democratic Party of Oregon.

These delegates will help determine the path of the Democratic Party by electing state officers, participating in platform discussion, and directing Oregon’s representation to the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Female Delegates

Rachelle Dixon (automatic as VC1)

in vote order, most votes to least:

Shirley Minor

Gladys Marie Garcia

Ruth Jensen

Betsy Salter

Eileen Reavey

Lisa Ortiz

Lisa Wolf

Cindy Smith

Catherine Thomasson

Female Alternates

1.Sarah Wolk

2.Jil Heimensen

3.Adrienne M. Enghouse

4.Aftyn Garvin

5.Ami Fox

6.Leah Gibbs

7.Faith Ruffing

8.Jackie Weissman

9.Maggie Skendarian

10.Kathy Jackson

Male Delegates

Lurelle Robbins (automatic as Chair)

in vote order, most votes to least:

Albert Lee

Pete Lee

John Harris Knight

Quinton Blandon

Jason Ali Allen

Michael Burch

Bing Wong

Jack Hanna

Dan Goetz

Male Alternates

1.Graham Parks

2.Gary Lietke

3.Michael Smith

4.Michael Cojocaru

5.Moses Ross

6.Tim Rowan

7.Spencer Trumm

8.Julio Castilleja

9.Mitch Rofsky

10.Bob Tackett