Multnomah County Democrats Adopt Resolution Calling for Peace and Ceasefire in Gaza 

At our Central Committee Meeting on Thursday, January 11th, the Multnomah County Democrats adopted a resolution regarding the conflict in Gaza. The resolution was submitted by petition and was adopted after several hours of polite and civilized discussion.

We want to extend our appreciation to the PCPs who wrote and submitted this thoughtful resolution. To quote the authors on why this felt resolution felt necessary: 

“The war in Israel and Gaza has amplified the stress felt by our Jewish, Arab and Islamic communities, and compels us to speak out, even as we are a local party supporting Democrats at the county level. We feel that as the collective body of Multnomah Democratic PCPs, it is critical that we speak with a voice that has empathy for innocent victims, that advocates for universal human rights, and that communicates in a way that seeks to bring our Party together.”

Thank you to all the PCPs who participated in last night’s discussion. Democracy isn’t always swift, but we are proud of the process. We hope more Americans educate themselves on this conflict, and we ask our elected representatives to act with empathy and urgency. 

-MultDems Admin Team 

The text of the resolution is as follows…

Multnomah Democrats Resolution 2024-01: A Call for Peace   

WHEREAS the Democratic Party of Multnomah County acts to advance peace, justice, and freedom for all peoples; and

WHEREAS we are heartbroken over the deaths, suffering, and captivity of innocent Israeli and Palestinian civilians and all others caught up in the current conflict between Israel and Hamas: we mourn for all of them; and

WHEREAS every country has a right to defend itself, but harming innocents is tragic and intolerable; and

WHEREAS Israel has a right to hold Hamas accountable for the assault on civilians in Israel on October 7, 2023, yet negotiations with Hamas for the return of the remaining hostages must continue until all are free; and

WHEREAS a terrible tragedy is unfolding in Gaza, as civilians caught between Israeli and Hamas forces have been bombed, displaced from their homes, and have had their infrastructure destroyed; and

WHEREAS humanitarian efforts to aid affected civilians in Gaza have been paralyzed by the ongoing war, with severe shortages of food, water, and medical aid contributing to the ongoing misery and suffering of innocents; and 

WHEREAS this conflict has a devastating and divisive impact on Jewish and Palestinian communities both in the Middle East and elsewhere, including here in Oregon and  Multnomah County, and has fueled increasing Islamophobia and antisemitism; and

WHEREAS the Palestinian people also have a right to a free and independent state, self-governed by duly-elected leaders; and

WHEREAS the United States, as a long-standing ally and supporter of Israel, has the opportunity to influence actions of Israel’s government;       


1. We call on Hamas and Israel for an immediate halt to the active hostilities to allow the free access of humanitarian aid organizations to provide medical aid, food, water, clothing, shelter, fuel, and heating oil to Gazan civilians;

2.  We call for the International Red Cross and other aid workers to be given immediate access to all hostages being held in Gaza,  and we call for the immediate return of all hostages;   

3. We call for international oversight at the end of the conflict to facilitate the rebuilding of Gaza;

 4. We call for a two-state solution that will enable both Israelis and Palestinians to live in peace and safety; and

5. In addition, as Multnomah County Democratic PCPs we take responsibility individually and collectively to educate and intervene when we encounter antisemitism or Islamophobia in our families, workplaces, communities and social media;

6. We call for an immediate ceasefire. 

On passage, this resolution will be sent to our US Senators Wyden and Merkley; our US Representatives Blumenauer, Bonamici, and Chavez-DeRemer; President Biden; Senate Majority Leader Schumer; and House Minority Leader Jeffries.

ADOPTED by the Multnomah County Democratic Party on the 12th day of January, 2024

SUBMITTED by petition