MultDems Urge US To Continue Ukraine Support

Ukraine’s battle to resist Russian aggression has raged for more than two years. Just last Saturday, after weeks of rancorous infighting among Republicans, the US House passed a $61 billion aid package for Ukraine. 

MultDems are clear in their support for an ally that is seeing shortages and setbacks under Putin’s relentless attacks.

At the March 14th Central Committee meeting, Multnomah County Democrats passed a resolution urging the Biden Administration and the US Congress to continue support for Ukraine. The resolution states, 

“We call for continued United States economic and military support in the Ukrainian people’s struggle, which should not be hostage to United States domestic politics.”

View the text of Resolution 2024-02 HERE.

.The resolution, adopted by attending precinct committee persons by a vote of 51 to 5, calls on the United States to demand an end to Russian aggression and a complete withdrawal by Russia from Ukrainian land with a return to prewar boundaries; that Russian assets seized by or under the control of the United States be utilized to support Ukraine’s self-defense and help rebuild Ukraine after this Russian aggression is ended; and that the United States support inclusion of Ukraine into NATO. 

After passage, the resolution was sent to Oregon’s United States Senators, Oregon’s United States Representatives, President Biden, Senate Majority Leader Schumer, Senate Minority Leader McConnell, House Speaker Johnson and House Minority Leader Jeffries.

photo source: Visit Ukraine