MultDems Announce Treasurer Special Election

The MultDems will have a special election for the Treasurer Officer position during our central committee meeting on April 13, 2023.

Interested? Know someone who might be great in this role? If so, please email with your nomination by April 6, 2023.  

Our Treasurer is responsible for the following: 
1. Be custodian of all Party funds;
2. Maintain appropriate financial records;
3. Submit a report to each Central Committee meeting which includes a summary of income, expenses and ending balance;
4. File or cause to be filed all reports required by any government agency;
5. Manage contracted bookkeeping and campaign finance reporting services;
6. Prepare and submit to the Executive Committee an annual report for each calendar year in time for the report to be published by March 31st of the following year;
7. Serve as an ex-officio member of the Budget & Finance Committee. 
 The MultDems also need to fill a few key additional roles: 

LABOR LIAISON coordinates and strengthens relationships with key union partners in our community. 

BUDGET & FINANCE CHAIR heads our Budget & Finance Committee, prepares our budget for approval by our Admin team and works with Fundraising to develop plans to generate revenue for the Party.  

PARLIAMENTARIAN knows Robert’s Rules inside and out and helps us run our meetings according to proper rules and procedures.  If interested in any of these important openings, please email by April 6th.