Member Spotlight: Quinton Blanton

Mr. Blanton is an SCC Delegate, Congressional District 3 Delegate, a Precinct Committee Person, secretary for the health care caucus, and study group lead for the Historical and Ongoing Anti-Blackness in Oregon study group. He is also a member of the rules committee, and the Racial Inclusivity Work Group for the Multnomah County Democratic Party.

Why and how did you become involved in the Multnomah County Democrats?

For too long, the Democratic Party has taken Black Americans for granted. With the exception of the Civil Rights legislation of the 1960’s, my community has never received specific, meaningful policies from the party in proportion to our staunchly Democratic vote. This is a shame and it must change. In fact, the Democratic Party should prize the Black vote considering our history and contribution to this nation.

Why do you think it’s important for Democrats to become involved at the local level??

I firmly believe in the old adage, “all politics are local.” If one isn’t an aristocrat, to not be involved in local politics is shameful.

What is making you hopeful right now?

Leaders of grassroots organizations are finally realizing that getting the transformative politics they’re fighting for will require them and the people to coalesce around an agenda, and be more organized than the status quo.

What advice can you provide to our Democrats in Multnomah County?

Politics is not static. You must be nimble and able to adjust on the fly. However, that doesn’t mean one should settle for milquetoast, middle-of-the-road politics. Fight hard for the bold change.