Member Spotlight: Cayle Chiang Tern

Cayle became interested in serving as a PCP in 2020 but got lost in the process. He now champions stronger engagement in the political process in his communities.

Why and how did you become involved in the Multnomah County Democrats?

The API, more specifically, the Southeast Asian Community needs to be more involved in the political process. I will champion civic engagement in my communities and make sure that we stay involved.

Why do you think it’s important for Democrats to become involved at the local level??

Democrats need to be involved at the local level because we are more than a political party. As a democrat, I believe in people driven policies and it is important that we influence our institutions at every level because there is inequities and injustices at every level.

What are some of the priorities for our state and for Multnomah County this year?

My priorities are Worker Rights, Education Reform and Public Education Investments, Access to Health Care because these are the foundations of success in America.

What is making you hopeful right now?

I am hopeful because I see more willingness and support within our communities.

What advice can you provide to our Democrats in Multnomah County?

We need the Democrat Party to invest and help the API communities increase activism and develop leaders