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About the Congressional District Candidate Role

Delegates from Multnomah County are elected for each of our three Congressional Districts: CD-1 (Suzanne Bonamici) primarily on the west side, CD-3 (Earl Blumenauer) in most of the county, and CD-5 (Lori Chavez-DeRemer) in southern parts of the west and east sides.

Duties: Meetings for the Congressional Committees  take place at various locations throughout each district. Committees meet with members from neighboring Washington and Clackamas counties. These are generally quarterly meetings. We are usually joined by the Member or one of their staff. 

Also, Congressional Committee members will join with SCC members to elect our Multnomah representative for state standing committees: Budget, Rules, Platform, Credentials, State Fair.   

You can read the formal requirements of each position in the 2018 Bylaws of the Multnomah Democrats (PDF).

Nominations during the Meeting

At the Jan 21 Party Organization meeting, nominations for Recording Secretary, SCC and Congressional District Delegates will be accepted from the floor.

  • According to our bylaws, nominations will also be accepted for party officer positions that had no candidates declared by our deadline.
  • Because there were no candidates declared for recording secretary, nominations for this position will also be accepted from the floor.
  • You must be a Multnomah County resident and registered as a Democrat with the Oregon Secretary of State office.
  • Submissions of information to this website are closed; no further declarations of candidacy will be published here.
  • Notify Lisa Morrison (vc2@multdems.org) by Jan 20 of your intention to run so that we can verify that you meet eligibility requirements.

Meet the Congressional District Delegate Candidates

Open seats: CD1 - 6 delegates and 6 alternates; CD-3 - 15 delegates and 15 alternates; and, CD-5 - 2 delegates and 2 alternates.

Congressional District 1 Delegates

We will elect 6 delegates and 6 alternates for CD1. 

Michael Radway

As a long-time PCP, I would be honored to represent Multnomah County on our CD1 Committee, having previously served as one of Oregon’s DNC Members, the DPO Treasurer, a political appointee in both the Clinton and Obama Administrations (terminated by the Trump Administration), and 22 years as a Legislative Director and professional committee staff member…

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Kathy Jackson

I would like to continue to represent Mult Dems on the CD 1 Committee. Over the past few years I have come to know Democrats from the other counties in Suzanne Bonamici’s district and want to continue to build relationships with fellow committee members and with Rep. Bonamici’s staff. kk

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Larry Taylor

Larry Taylor would bring to the 1st Congressional District Committee a profound understanding of democracy and of the Democratic Party – both in Oregon and nationally. He has been one of Oregon’s foremost proponents of preserving the rights of Congressional Committee members within the DPO. If elected, Taylor pledges to attend all meetings, representing the…

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Mark Bunch

I’d like to be a delegate and stand for my fellow Democrats as we choose candidates and leaders for the future and support in any way I possibly can within the party and outside as well.

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Lurelle Robbins

Vote for Lurelle for SCC and CD 1 – I will continue to work to resolve the Urban-Rural divide and the divides brought on by income inequality and historical constructs of racism, orientation etc. I am the recent Past Chair of The Democratic Party of Multnomah County where my inputs can be observed in “Empowering…

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Jonathan “JJ” Jackson

Hi, my name is JJ Jackson and I am running to be a delegate to the 1st Congressional District Committee. I am a lifelong progressive Democrat and have been involved with the party for many years. I have twice before been a member of the CD1 committee and have done my best to ensure that…

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Daniel Goetz

Hello. My name is Dan Goetz and I’m running to represent Multnomah County on the Congressional District 1 committee. I’m a dedicated voice for those who need help the most, and welcome the opportunity to help Congresswoman Bonamici work with her newest constituents to see to it that the needs of working and poor people…

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Kevin Weitemier

Hello Multnomah County Democrats! My name is Kevin Weitemier and I’m asking for your vote to be delegate to the State Central Committee and Congressional District 1. I’m a proud Democrat, and I’m ready to work with our party to craft a progressive vision, work with elected officials to enact just policies, and work with…

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Debby Schwartz

I have been honored to serve two terms on the CD3 committee. Now that I have been redistricted into CD1, I look forward to this opportunity to further develop my relationship with Rep Bonamici and her staff. I would be grateful to have your vote. For years now, I have been a strong and successful…

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Cynthia Ann Smith

I’m Cindy Smith, a disabled Air Force Veteran, PCP, SCC delegate, Veterans Caucus Chair, DPO Rules Committee member, member of the Disability Justice and APIA caucuses, and a progressive. I’m running to be re-elected as a Multnomah County delegate to CD1 First, thank you for being a Multnomah County PCP and reading my statement. When…

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Congressional District 3 Delegates

We will elect 15 delegates and 15 alternates for CD3. 

Kevin Fitts

Dear members of the Multnomah County Democrats, I am writing to express my interest in running for a Congressional District 3 Delegate position within the party. I have been a committed member of the Democratic Party for many years, and I believe in the values and principles that the party represents. I am passionate about…

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Sally Biggs

As a mother of 2 school-age children in a rural part of Multnomah County, I feel I can bring a perspective a bit different than people living closer to downtown. I also have worked for almost 20 years in an industry where I have to mesh both with college educated architects and engineers as well…

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Bing Wong

I have been a long time volunteer and attend meetings. I have supported Rep. Earl Blumenauer in CD3. The CD elects delegates and alternates to the Democratic Party of Oregon Standing Committees. I look forward to meeting new members after redistricting changes.

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Patch Adam Perryman

For six years I have served Multnomah County Democrats as the Party’s Recording Secretary and I am grateful to have done so. After these three terms of organizing our voices, I hope to serve in a role that elevates both our voices and the voices of our neighbors at the Congressional District level as a…

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Jose Gamero Cassinelli

I am an active PCP, District 48’s Leader, and serve on the Racial Inclusivity Workgroup, as well as the Celsi and Rules Committees. I have volunteered for Fair Fight and various campaigns. As a disabled, Latino immigrant, who is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I bring a different perspective and life experience than many…

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Leigha LaFleur

Hi! My name is Leigha LaFleur and I have been actively involved in the Multnomah County Democrats for nearly a decade and have been elected to the CD3 Committee since 2016. In my time in the Party, I have served as a Precinct Committee Person, Assistant District Leader in HD 42 and HD46, and Chair…

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Kavan Bahrami

Hello, fellow Precinct Committee Person. My name is Kavan Bahrami. I’m running to represent you as a delegate at the State Central Committee and for Congressional District 3. If elected, this would be my second term as a delegate for both. I enjoy being active with the Multnomah County Democrats and have enjoyed being able…

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Britton Taylor

I’m a PCP from HD 45 (Rose City!) and have been a proud member of the Multnomah Democrats since 2020. I’ve worked in marketing and communications for over twenty years and have been a part of the Comms team from the start. For a time I was Co-Chair of the Campaign Committee, and in 2022…

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Faith E Ruffing

I served on this committee for the last 8 years. I have attended all meetings.

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Leon Michael Janssen

Hi my name is Leon Janssen, and I have been honored to serve as Precinct Committee person for the last couple years, and feel called to do more. I am primarily concerned with the rise of anti-democratic forces in this country and it is up to all of us to step up and speak out.…

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Ethan A. Scarl

I am a candidate for CD3 Delegate to bring attention a a grave concern that is urgent and local to Oregon. I am sorry to have to tell you that Portland is operating on borrowed time. As is the aquatic life ofn the Columbia and Willamette rivers. We can expect a magnitude 8 or 9…

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Judy Berck

I have lived in Multnomah County since 1995. I’m Assistant District leader for HD45 as well as PCP and Neighborhood District leader. This year, I dropped slate cards in several parts of the district and canvassed for Rep. Thuy Tran. I was also involved in the 2022 Celsi auction and other fundraising activities for the…

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Ian Maurer

I’m a teacher, parent, and active Democrat in Multnomah County. I’ve been interested in politics for a long time, but I used to just be a voter and consumer of news. The last few election cycles I have been more interested in organizing and canvassing and have participated in various phone banks, text banks, and…

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Kate Flanagan

I am the current Chair of the CD3 committee. I have served as a Member of CD3 Committee since 2017, including one partial term as vice-chair of the CD3 Committee; and two terms on the DPO Budget Committee, one as parliamentarian of the DPO Budget Committee. I have attended most State Central Committee Meetings since…

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Gary Lietke

Vote for Gary, CD3 Delegate. • Steps up, shows up, does the work • Hell-bent on “progress” in “progressive” • Driven to vision, strategic planning, research, data, best practices DPO priorities: • GRASS ROOTS over top-down decision-making • INCLUSIVE full-throat representation and recruiting across ALL demographics • Serious mutual EMPATHIC listening and dialog • TRANSPARENT…

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Thomas Karwaki

As a lifelong Democrat, I have been active at the precinct, district, county, CD and state levels of the party since 1970. I am committed to continuing the dialogue between our Congressional representative and the MultDems via the 3rd CD committee. The 3rd CD committee plays an important part in hearing from Earl on what…

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Mark Hnath

I am interested in becoming a 3rd Congressional District Committee Delegate to forward the Democratic priorities of our great state and to help pave a path forward for the next generation of leaders. Additionally, the political values that I value most include the following: – Climate change & environmental justice – Improvements in our system…

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Congressional District 5 Delegates

We will elect 2 delegates and 2 alternates for CD5. 

Daniel Karnes

I am running to be a delegate to represent issues and concerns of constituents of Oregon Congressional District 5 to our Representative, Lori Chavez-DeRemer. As a resident of that small sliver of Multnomah County redrawn into District 5 in the latest redistricting, I have a particular incentive to make sure our new Representative is aware that a certain pocket of her district contains a number of urban, progressive, voting Democrats who will be monitoring the policies advocated and votes taken by her. Moreover, I am hopeful that my status as a veteran (drafted 1967; Vietnam 1968-69) will grant me a certain credibility in advocating for her to honor her campaign pledge to support the interests of this group in the challenges we face.