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Time to Elect New Leaders

We need strong grassroots organizers at the core of the Multnomah Democrats.

Who We'll Elect

- County  -

If you're interested in steering the party through 2024, one of these positions could be a match for your skills. Here's your chance to be more involved.

Meet the officer candidates

- Congressional District -

These advisory committees meet with their representatives to further their goals in Washington, D.C., and so that our Congressional representatives have the opportunity to hear authentic community voices.

Meet the Congressional District Delegate candidates

- State Central Committee -

If you're interested in representing the Multnomah Democrats at a state level (to the Democratic Party of Oregon), one of these delegate or alternate delegate spots could be right for you.

Meet the State Central Committee candidates

Any citizen of Multnomah County registered to vote as a Democrat is eligible to be elected to an officer or delegate position for the Multnomah County Democrats.

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We'll elect new leaders on Jan 21

Save the date. Our Party Organization meeting takes place online on January 21, 2023 starting at noon.


Registration is a 2-step process:

  1. Start by registering as an attendee with our credentials committee.
  2.  Check your email for confirmation, and
    • Immediately click the custom Zoom meeting link in that email to complete your registration for the meeting.
      Zoom will send you a second confirmation email that you should save to click to join the meeting at noon, Saturday Jan 21.

Important: Please complete both steps of the registration as soon as possible!

Volunteers will begin work the morning of Jan 20 to prepare for the meeting. Your prompt and advance registration (by midnight Jan 19, please) will help the meeting run more smoothly.

Watch this space for more information.

Nominations will be accepted during the meeting for Recording Secretary, Congressional District Delegates and State Central Committee Delegates.

For all nominees: Learn how to promote your candidacy.

Nominations during the Meeting

At the Jan 21 Party Organization meeting, nominations for Recording Secretary, SCC and Congressional District Delegates will be accepted from the floor.

  • According to our bylaws, nominations will also be accepted for party officer positions that had no candidates declared by our deadline.
  • Because there were no candidates declared for recording secretary, nominations for this position will also be accepted from the floor.
  • You must be a Multnomah County resident and registered as a Democrat with the Oregon Secretary of State office.
  • Submissions of information to this website are closed; no further declarations of candidacy will be published here.
  • Notify Lisa Morrison (vc2@multdems.org) by Jan 20 of your intention to run so that we can verify that you meet eligibility requirements.

How to promote your candidacy

The MultDems Party Organization committee will send one message from any qualified candidate to the entire PCP list through our VAN platform email service.

We will include the link to candidate profiles on the Mult Dems website in your message (f you have one). Please limit your content to 250 words. Attachments cannot be accommodated.  (Non-click tracking URLs  are ok to include.)

To use this service, send your message to    anytime between 1/12/23 and 1/18/23.

Messages will be forwarded to voters in the order received so don’t delay!  If you’d like voters to respond to you, be sure to include your email in the body of your message to facilitate 2-way dialogue