Special district elections


MAGA Republicans are challenging Democrats in nearly every seat in these elections.

It’s important to vote for candidates who represent Democratic values. Here's the cheat sheet you need to help elect Democrats into office. Candidates who have responded to MultDems questions are spotlighted and linked below.

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Multnomah County Commissioner

This is a special election to allow voters in District 3 fill the commission seat left open by the election of Jessica Vega Pederson to the position of Multnomah County Chair. (Find out which district you are in.)

> Ana del Rocío

> Julia Brim-Edwards

> Albert Kaufman

Multnomah Educational Service District

Protect essential student services in Multnomah County! Vote for MESD Democratic candidates May 16. 

Denyse Peterson, Position 5, Zone 1

> Renee W. Anderson, Position 3, Zone 2

> Katrina Doughty, Position 7, Zone 3

Dr. Samuel Henry, Position 1, Zone 5

> Danny Cage, Position 6, At Large

Mt. Hood Community College District

Andrew Speer, Zone 3

> Barry Fox-Quamme, Zone 5

> Dana Stroud, Zone 5

> Diane Noriega, Position 6

ShaToyia Bentley, Position 7

Portland Community College District

Portland Community College elects representatives from multiple counties. This listing includes only those whose districts fall in Multnomah County.

> Tiffani Penson, Director, Zone 2

Kien Truong, Director, Zone 3

Kristi Wilson, Director, Zone 7

Centennial School District #28

Jess Hardin, Position 2, Zone 2

Melissa Standley, Position 4, Zone 4

Rose Solowski, Position 5, At Large

Heath Curry, Position 6, At Large

Corbett School District #39

Andrew Hatlen, Position 1

Ben Byers, Position 6

Paul Granberg, Position 6

Leah Fredericks, Position 7

Tami Thustos-Arnold, Position 7

David Douglas School District #40

Gabriela Saldaña-López, Position 4

> Aaron D Barrow, Position 5

> Heather Franklin, Position 6

> Kate Sherman, Position 7

> Deian Salazar, Position 7

Gresham Barlow School District #10J

> Dr. Cherice P. Roth, Position 1

Kris Howatt, Position 2

> Julie Frediani, Position 4

> Stephanie Craft, Position 7

Parkrose School District

Brenda Rivas, Position 2

Eva-Jeanette Rawlings, Position 3

Portland School District

Andrew Scott, Zone 1

> Michelle DePass, Zone 2

Patte Sullivan, Zone 3

Eddie Wang, Zone 7

Reynolds School District

Joyce Rosenau, Position 2

> Patty Carrera, Position 5

> Ana Muñoz, Position 6

> Francisco Ibarra, Position 7


Multnomah County Democrats support Measure 26-238, “Eviction Representation for All” . This measure will raise funds for enhanced tenant service, which can aid neighborhood livability and reduce the future number of newly homeless.

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Ballot Deadline

Ballots must be in a dropbox or postmarked by May 16, 2023 at 8pm.  If you need to find your ballot drop and other information, check the Multnomah County Elections website.

All Democratic candidates running for office have been invited to answer a MultDems questionnaire.

If a candidate profile is not linked, we have not yet received it.

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