There's no way around it. It takes people + money to make an impact.

We are mobilizing volunteers to GET OUT THE VOTE. 



This November, democracy and civil rights are on the ballot.

Bans on abortion. Gun violence. Trans rights under attack. Climate change legislation hobbled. The future is bleak without Democratic fighters at every level of government.

As a voter who cares about democracy and the well-being of our neighbors and country, it's hard to know where to begin.

It takes the small efforts of each person to make a difference. Start with us. 


At the Multnomah Democrats, we are organizing like our lives depend on it. Our candidates are working together. Our growing volunteer corps is already in action. We're making every volunteer hour and every dollar count. 

Here's Why Your Dollars Matter

Volunteer Recruitment & Training

Volunteering in our communities is the heart and soul of our work. The more volunteers we have, the more voters we are able to engage. Your donations will help us to recruit and train the volunteers needed to make a huge impact at the polls this November.

Get Out the Vote

The most trusted source of political information is someone you know. Your support will bolster our Neighborhood Leader program, which enables volunteers to foster relationships with Democrats in their own neighborhoods. During the 2022 primary, those who engaged with our Neighborhood Leaders were 20% more likely to vote!

Campaign HQ

Due to the COVID pandemic, the Multnomah Democrats have been without a headquarters for several years. Your support will help us secure a new permanent HQ for our members, providing us with a much-needed shared space to congregate, organize and mobilize. 

When you give to the Multnomah Democrats, you make an impact closest to home where you can make the biggest difference.

By pitching in once, weekly, or monthly, you will help us contact more voters and elect more Democrats from right here in Multnomah County.

Contribute $10 or more per month to be a PILLAR OF THE PARTY. We promise to use your funds wisely and to put every penny where it will have a big impact.

Your donation will help put slate cards in voters' hands

In each election, the Multnomah Democrats coordinate the design and distribution of slate cards. These important lists of Democratic candidates on the ballot are one of the single most influential pieces of election campaign literature.

Getting our candidates information in front of voters while they vote is a HUGELY important part our Get Out The Vote impact. Our volunteers carry and drop them straight to voters doorsteps. Some voters vote straight off of our slate cards.

Slate cards are an expensive undertaking. Your  donations make them happen.