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April 2021

This month, in honor of the leadership of the women who have brought us to this point, it’s time we move strongly to fulfill the promise of democracy by undoing the recent anti-democratic shifts and by passing laws that strengthen our democracy. The March Digest is dedicated to the women who brought us to this point of pushing back authoritarianism by focusing on how we now move forward to strengthen democracy. We have worked too hard and come too far to rest now just shy of the goal of truly protecting democracy for future generations.

By Sara Wolk, PCP, SCC Delegate and Executive Director of the Equal Vote Coalition Necessity is the mother of invention and not surprisingly this has been a groundbreaking year for election reform. In Oregon

A report on the state of community participation in county processes and oversight By Bernardino De La Torre, Chair of the Multnomah County Citizen’s Involvement Committee What has happened? Independent community involvement in Multnomah

From a field of over 100 candidates in the January Organizing Meeting, 20 candidates who were people of color or from other marginalized communities beat the other 80% of candidates to win 25 of 39 delegate positions (64% of the seats.), showing that STAR did not disadvantage minority candidates in that race. Similarly, at the CD3 Committee Meeting, while representing less than half the overall candidates, candidates from traditionally marginalized communities won 60% of the delegate and alternate positions.

Ally Update from Jacob Menefee The No More Costly Walkouts (NMCW) coalition includes groups like: The Oregon League of Conservation Voters, Basic Rights Oregon, SEIU, Planned Parenthood Action PAC, and many others. I am

By Gary Lietke – 2021 03 11 Central Committee presentation Article 8 of our MultDems Platform is usually summarized with the label of “Election Integrity”, but it’s so much more. Our study group addresses

Democratic Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) from House District 47 selected three candidates for the Multnomah County Commissioners to choose from to fill the legislative vacancy in House District 47.  The candidates, in order of

Seats are open for the May election, across Multnomah County, including school boards, community college boards and more. The Campaign Committee asks you to think about running, and to reach out to Democratic neighbors and friends who can represent us well and ensure excellent, safe, and equitable service for our county’s residents, families, staff and students. Could this be you?

By James Ofsink, PCP November’s Measure 107 received more YES votes than any other issue to ever grace an Oregon ballot. The measure updated our constitution to explicitly include the common-sense value that Oregonians

Member Spotlight!

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Member Spotlight: Sara Wolk

Democracy is about empowering the people and democratic process begins at the bottom. Our power comes from our grassroots and our community. Strong local roots are everything. We can't wait for others to do this for us. The time is now and you are the person you've been waiting for... ~ Sara Wolk, PCP an SCC Delegate

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Member Spotlight: AMI FOX

So many policies affect your life that come from city and state. When I moved here there was no rent control, no cause evictions were common. A friend of mine had her rent doubled in one month (essentially a no cause eviction), no recourse, perfectly legal. Through engagement, (Chloe Eudaly), Portland Tenants United, Portland Metro People's coalition (the people) we changed all of that.

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Greetings from the Chair

Julio Castilleja was elected Chair of the Democratic Party of Multnomah County at the Reorganization meeting on January 23rd. You may have read his “Why I Am a Democrat” feature in the Digest and blog last fall. Here is his greeting to all Democrats in Multnomah County

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Photo courtesy of Kayse Jama

Member Spotlight: Kayse Jama

Kayse Jama, a longtime community organizer and Multnomah County Democrat, was appointed by the Multnomah and Clackamas County Commissioners to fill the State Senate seat vacated by Shemia Fagan when she became Oregon’s Secretary of State in January 2021. We sat down with him recently to talk about why involvement in the County Democrats is important.

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Upcoming MultDem Events

Welcome Orientations for new PCPs, Volunteers, and Neigbhood Leaders. Vice Chair Marcia Schneider is planning monthly orientations the Saturday after our Central Committee meetings where we confirm new PCPs.  Find out where you can plug into Multnomah County Dems to put your interests and activism to best use.  Meet other new members and share ideas. Dates so far include April 10 and May 15, from 10:30 to noon.

Leadership Meetings are scheduled on every the 4th Thursday of every month. Vice Chairs Lisa Morrison & Marcia Schneider are hosting this monthly meeting for District Leaders, Assistant District Leaders and Neighborhood Leader Coordinators from 7-9 PM. Upcoming meetings are Mar 25, Apr 22 and May 27.

Check our Calendar for these and other events:

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