by Gary Lietke, District Leader for HD 44

It’s time to talk frankly within our committed Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs), so we can respond adequately to the dire political climate we face. It’s time to scale our programs and our personal participation to the scale of our challenges.

Make no mistake—if we MultDems don’t connect more effectively with our allied collaborative organizations and the full diversity of our registered Dem voters and NAVs, we’re in trouble. 

  • Please pore over the 10-minute November 2021 Community Action & Engagement report on YouTube:
  • It outlines our strategic plan to maximize both our effectiveness and efficiency. Its success is built on four lean teams: Collaborative Orgs, Action, Education, Outreach. Please study those four slides.
  • Next, we’re asking every PCP to submit the CA&E team leader-member recommendations form—multiple times! Staffing up these four teams is our immediate priority, so that they can start planning and doing.

Please nominate yourself. “Many hands make light(er) work” is our power. And fearlessly nominate others you think can help this effort.

The timeline for gearing up is urgent, if we hope to hold the line and advance our values for the 2022 primary and general elections. Merely dropping slate cards is hardly enough. We must do everything we can to facilitate OVERWHELMING DEMAND BY THE PEOPLE for the priorities outlined in the new Multhomah County Democrats Platform.