Community Action & Engagement (CA&E) Needs You!

by Kelly McCurdy

An Opportunity for PCPs and Volunteers to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
Please complete the attached survey and download these shareable resources.

Community Action and Engagement for MultDems

As we kick off the new year and new reorganization of our party, we are asking for your direct support in the relaunch of our Community Action & Engagement (CA&E) program. For anyone looking for a consistent and sustainable way to make your personal participation really count, this is it.

We are beginning an ambitious campaign to build our county Party. We need your participation to multiply how MultDems comprehensively and inclusively engages the energy and expertise of Democrats and voters throughout Multnomah County!

Please consider completing this general interest survey, and sharing it, along with any of the downloadable resources below.

Don’t miss the CA&E Virtual Q&A, a 30-minute forum ( Wednesday, Jan. 25 at 8 pm) for PCPs, community members, and District Leaders, to connect with CA&E Chair Gary Lietke, Vice Chair Kelly McCurdy, and Priority Outreach Chair David Burnell about the role of CA&E, the different committees, questions about volunteering and recruiting, and how to get involved. Submit your questions in advance for priority response during the forum. 

Community Action & Engagement Virtual Q and A

CA&E has developed a series of downloadable resources to help you share this news.

The list below with the tag .pdf are flyers that contain clickable links to fill out our general interest survey and to register for our CA&E Virtual Q&A. These flyers are excellent for email distribution or for posts on social media, such as Facebook, NextDoor, or LinkedIn–anywhere that you can upload an interactive text file. The attachments with the tag .png are images that are just that: images. Some of these are duplicated from the pdf flyers, but with links removed.

These are optimal for printing invitations or flyers or sharing on social media sites where you can only share images. These would be excellent to share in a neighborhood Facebook Group, your Facebook Feed, an Instagram Post or Story, a post on NextDoor, or a post on Reddit.

If your medium offers the option of including a caption with links, consider including these links to the body of your caption:

Be creative! If you have come up with a new way to share this information with your community, please tell CA&E so that we might share your strategy with others.

Just click on the links below to download these resources:

Kelly McCurdy is Vice Chair of Community Action & Engagement, a District Leader for House District 43, and a Precinct Committee Person .