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Duties of Officers

Officer Duties: Multnomah County Democratic Party

The Officers of the Multnomah County Democratic Party fulfill roles often covered by staff in larger organizations.  As a team, they form the Administration Committee, which is charged with the executive functions of the Party, including contracting, enforcing rules and bylaws, managing and supervising activities and providing for the “day-to-day operation of the Party.” Oregon law provides that officers of political parties shall be treated as officers of nonprofit corporations for liability for all matters relating to the political party. The Chair and Treasurer have additional liability under campaign finance law. This list of duties is not all-inclusive, but provides a summary of what is involved.

The Chair’s duties include: presiding at all meetings, preparing agendas, acting as the principal spokesperson (with the support of the Communications Officer), appointing committee chairs (with Executive Committee approval), and working with the Administration Committee to supervise the business of the Party. Unwritten, but a fact of the political and fundraising world, is that the Chair is the point person on major fundraising to support the Party’s work. The Chair is also an automatic delegate to the State Central Committee, which meets quarterly in various locations around the State.

The First Vice-Chair’s duties include: Working with the Chair to be prepared to perform the Chair’s duties if needed and to assume the office of Chair in case of the Chair’s absence or incapacity, and implementing regular PCP training programs. The First Vice-Chair is also an automatic delegate to the State Central Committee.

The Second Vice-Chair’s duties include: Chairing the Credentials Committee, maintaining and updating Precinct Committee Person records, and coordinating with the County Elections Division to ensure that records are up-to-date.

The Communications Officer’s duties include: Coordinating external and internal Party communications and maintaining contact databases.

The Treasurer’s duties include: Being the custodian of all funds of the Party, ensuring that all reports are filed in accordance with campaign finance law, and reporting to the Central Committee on the Party’s financial status.

The Recording Secretary’s duties include: Preparing minutes of Central Committee, presenting draft minutes for approval at the following meeting, and maintaining an archive of meeting minutes.

The Technology Officer’s duties include: Managing the Party’s electronic assets, including website, office hardware and software, and other resources as needed.

January Volunteer of the Month: Muriel Wentzien

Hostess extraordinaire Muriel Wentzien was honored as our Volunteer of the Month on January 8th. 

Hospitality Chair Karen Gladyschild  explains why:

Muriel is the embodiment of Democratic values.  She is gracious, even-tempered, reliable, hard-working and always adds value to whatever she is involved in. Muriel tends to be quiet, so she can sneak up on you with her sense of humor. She will crack you up when you least expect it.

Muriel is a PCP and helps make our meetings welcoming and fun every month. She has delivered slate cards, donated to the Celsi raffle, volunteered at the Golf Tournament and attended numerous Democratic events.

In addition to her volunteer work for the Democratic Party, Muriel has been active with Habitat for Humanity. She has also worked with young children as a foster Grandma in schools and in child care settings. She is always looking for ways to improve her knowledge and skills, taking extra classes to become even better at helping the children she works with. She has also been proactive in advocating for more safety training in the settings where she works.

We are fortunate to have Muriel as a member, volunteer and friend.