Notice of Multnomah County Special Election

If you are interested or considering getting involved beyond the organizational or volunteer level of political activity, an election of qualified voters to fill some open district positions for school boards, water boards and the like will open for candidate filings on Monday, February 6th, 2017.

The election takes place on May 16, 2017, and folks must file with the Elections Division of Multnomah County, 1040 SE Morrison Street, Portland, Oregon 97214, no later than 5:00 p.m. on March 16, 2017.

Central Committee Meeting – February 9th

The Central Committee Meeting of the Multnomah County Democrats will take place on Thursday evening, February 9th 2017. Join us at Taborspace located at 5441 SE Belmont Street by entering the door facing 54th Street.

Doors and credentialing will begin at 5:45 pm. Agenda will be available at the door. We are splitting up the evening into two, one-hour sections: A Social Program beginning at 6:30 pm and the Business Meeting begins at 7:30 pm.

For the first hour starting at 6:30 pm we will focus on activism and organizing to work in our communities as Democrats.

We will hear from a few of our Multnomah County legislators, House District leaders and committee chairs. Then we will “break out” to let you talk with our guests and one another, to begin building working relationships with other Democrats, and to decide on outcomes you wish to focus on and the actions you plan to take to achieve these.

We have also invited representatives from community groups to join us and be available to talk with you about how you, as a Democrat, can ally with them.

You can also learn more about the recent resolutions like the one about to be proposed to the State Central Committee (.pdf below) and those adopted by the Democratic Party of Oregon supporting State inclusivity, backing anti-bullying legislation and in defense of transgender healthcare rights.

The second hour, starting at 7:30 pm, will be our business meeting to conduct the activities, affairs and administration of our county party. You can meet the newly elected officers and recently selected Standing Committee Chairs. This hour will conclude with a vote to appoint a new batch of Precinct Committee People. If you’re interested in becoming one as well, find out more on our site

See you Thursday.

Results of 2017 Reorganization Meeting

Below are the results of the January 28, 2017 Reorganization Meeting.



  1. Rachelle Dixon
  2. Erica Fuller
  3. Betsy Salter
  4. Carolanne Fry
  5. Loretta Smith
  6. Kim Upham
  7. Elisa Dozono
  8. Shirley Minor
  9. Mary Nolan
  10. Sandy Krebs


  1. Cindy Smith
  2. Leah Gibbs
  3. Barbara Smith Warner
  4. Abby Collins
  5. Lisa Wenzlick
  6. Samantha Gladu
  7. Meredith Wood Smith
  8. Molly McGuire
  9. Beth Crane
  10. Marcia Schneider


  1. Lurelle Robbins
  2. Eddy Morales
  3. Valdez Bravo
  4. Pete Lee
  5. Jason Allen
  6. Bill Bradley
  7. John Knight
  8. Michael Burch
  9. Andrew Davidson
  10. Bing Wong


  1. Graham Parks
  2. Ira Zimmerman
  3. Tim Leahy
  4. Joe Esmonde
  5. Troy Duker
  6. Tim Rowan
  7. Bob Tackett
  8. Tom Sincic
  9. Moses Ross
  10. Arturo Ceballos


Administration Committee of the Democratic Party of Multnomah County

CHAIR Lurelle Robbins
1st VICE CHAIR Rachelle Dixon
2nd VICE CHAIR Leslie Davis
TREASURER Linda Livermore


CD 1

  • Cindy Smith
  • Terry Preeg-Rigsby
  • Dustin Buehler


  • JJ Jackson
  • Kathy Jackson
  • Bill Harris



  1. Jil Heimensen
  2. Leigha LaFleur
  3. Layla Assem
  4. Natalie Bloodgood
  5. Emily Gocobachi Doumerc
  6. Kate Flanagan
  7. Amber Fidler
  8. Lisa Wolf
  9. Melissa Rae Pancurak


  1. Rachelle Dixon
  2. Faith Ruffing
  3. Marcia Schneider
  4. Roseta Akin
  5. Shirley Minor
  6. Lorraine Van Hoe
  7. Beth Crane
  8. Abby Collins
  9. Kim Upham


  1. Nico Serra
  2. Colby Clipston
  3. Matt McNally
  4. Jacob Fordham
  5. Cliff Goldman
  6. Bing Wong
  7. Tracy Farwell
  8. Bob Fordham
  9. Jonathan Pulvers


  1. Tim Rowan
  2. Moses Ross
  3. Moshe Lenske
  4. Bob Tackett
  5. Tom Karwaki
  6. Chris Lowe
  7. Jay Jaacks
  8. Grant Schott
  9. John Knight


CD 5

  • Jim McLaughlin
  • Cindy Flock


  • Brad Jenkins

List of Candidates for ReOrg

The County Party Election (also known as the “ReOrg” or reorganizational meeting) is happening on Saturday, Jan. 28 at 1p.m. (Registration is from 11a.m. to 1p.m.) 

North Portland Fraternal Order of the Eagles at 7611 N. Exeter Ave.


Chair Lurelle Robbins
First Vice Chair Faith E. Ruffing
First Vice Chair Rachelle Dixon
Second Vice Chair Leslie Davis
Communications Officer Bill Bradley
Communications Officer Tracee Larson
Technology Officer Dan Fulton
Technology Officer Michael C. Smith
Technology officer Matt Gitchell
Treasurer Linda Livermore
Recording Secretary Patch Adam Perryman


Here is the List of SCC and CD Committee Candidates.



List of CD/SCC Candidates

CD and SCC Delegation candidates

(listed alpha, by last name)


Note:  Since the Chair and First Vice Chair of the Party are automatic delegates to the SCC, voters will be instructed to vote for up to 9
 female candidates and 9 male candidates for delegation positions.

WOMEN SCC  (35 candidates)

(10 delegates, 10 Alternates)

Layla Assem
Natalie Bloodgood
Rebekah “Katt” Brewis
Abby Collins
Beth Crane
Elisa Dozono
Kate Flanagan
Rachel Force
Carolanne Fry
Erica Fuller
Leah Gibbs
Samantha Gladu
Amanda Hill
Alissa Keny-Guyer
Sandy Krebs
Leigha LaFleur
Molly McGuire
Shirley Minor
Lisa Morrison
Mary Nolan
Faith E Ruffing
Betsy Salter
Marcia Schneider
Sally Sincic
Cindy Smith
Loretta Smith
Barbara Smith Warner
Susan Suffion
Janet Tackett
Kim Upham
Emily Van Buren
Lorraine Van Hoe
Lisa Wenzlick
Meredith Wood Smith
Britni Worley


MEN SCC  (40 candidates)

(10 Delegates,  10 Alternates)


Jason Allen
Ross Allen
Bill Bradley
Valdez Bravo
Michael A. Burch
Greg Buss
Arturo Ceballos
Kari Chisholm
Colby Clipston
Andrew Davidson
Troy Duker
Vaughn Emmons
Joe Esmonde
Tracy Farwell
Jacob Fordham
Bill Harris
Kyle Huth
Jim Kahan
Thomas Karwaki
John Knight
Tim Leahy
Pete Lee
Moshe Lenske
David Linn
Matt McNally
Eduardo (Eddy) Morales
Rob Nosse
Graham Parks
Robert Reynolds
Moses J. Ross
Tim Rowan
Nico Serra
Jordan Sheldon
Tom Sincic
Joe Smith
Wes Soderback
Matthew Strickland
Bob Tackett
Bing Wong
Ira Zimmermann




Congressional District  1

(2 women Candidates, 4 men  candidates)

3  delegates, 3 alternates


Delegation gender balance:

2 men, 1 woman delegates & 2  women , 1 man alternate OR

2 women, 1 man delegates & 2  men , 1 woman alternate


CD 1  Women

Kathy Jackson
Cindy Smith


CD 1 Men

Bill Harris
JJ Jackson
Lurelle E Robbins
Wes Soderback


Congressional District  3


CD 3 Women (24 candidates)

(9 Delegates, 9 Alternates)

Roseta Akin
Layla Assem
Natalie Bloodgood
Rebekah “Katt” Brewis
Abby Collins

Beth Crane

Rachelle Dixon

Amber Fidler
Kate Flanagan
Emily Gocobachi Doumerc
Jil Heimensen
Sally Joughin
Sandy Krebs
Leigha LaFleur
Linda Livermore
Lisa Morrison
Melissa Rae Pancurak
Lisa Paolo
Faith E Ruffing
Marcia Schneider
Susan Suffion
Janet Tackett
Kim Upham
Lorraine Van Hoe
Lisa Wolf


CD 3 Men (25 candidates)

(9 Delegates,  9 Alternates)

Colby Clipston
Steve Elder
Tracy Farwell
Bob Fordham
Jacob Fordham
Cliff Goldman
Kyle Huth
Jay Jaacks
Jim Kahan
Thomas Karwaki
John Knight
Moshe Lenske
Chris Lowe
Matt McNally
Graham Parks
Jonathan Pulvers
Robert Reynolds
Moses J. Ross
Tim Rowan
Grant Schott
Nico Serra
Jordan Sheldon
Matthew Strickland
Bob Tackett
Bing Wong


Congressional District  5

(3 candidates)

2 Delegates, 2 Alternates


Cyndy Flock Female
Valdez Bravo Male
Brad Jenkins Male

Rachelle Dixon – 2017 Candidate for 1st Vice Chair


I am a resident of East Multnomah County and a lifelong Democrat. I have experience in the field of Technology and Education.

Political Experience

I am a life long Democrat and a PCP in District 50 as well as an SCC Delegate. I was an Oregon Bernie Sanders Delegate. Locally, I worked on Laurie Minnes Anderson’s campaign in East County. Previously, I campaigned for Obama and worked on a PAC for John Kerry.

Vision for the Multnomah County Democratic Party

I would like to see a Democratic Party that is diverse and reflects all of the communities in the county. One that addresses the significant challenges our community is facing under the incoming administration. I am passionate about creating the change we need to energize our community to actively represent our united interest and mobilize to resist the incoming administrations assault on education, healthcare and marginalized communities. I believe In order to make these changes, the party must reflect and listen to the people we serve and address their concerns at every level within the party. The grassroots level of our party, the very foundation is the PCP’s. The PCP’s live in the communities they represent and are invested in those communities. As Vice Chair 1, I want to be invested in engaging and supporting the PCP‘s with the tools they need to be successful in their efforts. I want to ensure that every person that walks through the door and wants to participate in growing the party can do so effectively and be whole heartedly welcomed. I don’t think the changes we need are a small task by any means, but I am prepared to work and serve along with the Chairs and member ship to face those challenges head on. I am asking for your vote to help me serve the Democratic people of Multnomah County

Faith E. Ruffing – 2017 Candidate for 1st Vice Chair


I am a 75 year old Environmental Scientist born and raised in Ohio, worked my way through college as a research assistant at Case Western Reserve and Northwestern Universities and earned by Bachelor Degree in Biology in 1970 Soon after I moved to Oregon where I earned my Masters Degree in Biology and was advanced to candidacy for a Doctoral in Environmental Science at Portland State University in 1980. I worked for the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, City of Portland Bureau of Water Works and the U S Army Corps of Engineers. I started an Environmental Science Consulting firm, Sun Mountain Reflections in 1980. My clients included the City of Portland and the US Army Corps of Engineers and is still functioning today. I was active in the City of Portland Neighborhood Associations, worked on the Neighborhood Plan for Goose Hollow and the Environmental section of the Central City Plan. I played an active role in City and County elections and most recently have focused my time with the Multnomah county Democratic Party.

Political Experience

I have been a life time supporter of the Democratic Party and helped candidates get elected through contributions of time and money. Recently, I have worked for the Multnomah County Democratic Party spreading the word of the party. As Chair of the Platform, Resolution and Legislation Committee, I oversaw the development of the 2016 Multnomah County Democratic Party Platform. The Committee solicited ideas from County Democrats for inclusion in the Platform. These ideas were incorporated into Articles and Planks on Education, Economy, Social Security and Health, Equality, Energy and Environment, Community, Justice and Immigration. At present this committee is developing a 2017 Action Plan to help enact Legislation Agenda Items in the 2016 Platform into law and to draw on the legislators and community through the PCP’s to draft the next Platform later this year. This Platform can be used by the candidates to address issues raised by the community in their campaigns and by the community to assess the effectiveness of the legislator in advancing the ideas of the Platform.

Vision for the Multnomah County Democratic Party

My vision for the MCD is for a Party with members actively interacting with the community and the elected to bring about legislation to resolve issues brought forth by the community and formulated by the PCP’s into the Platform. As the main duty of the a First Vice Chair is to train the PCP’s, I will enlighten them of the Rules and activities of the Mult Dems and use my experience as Chair of the PRL C to guide the PCP’s in effective strategies to engage the electorate in discussions of the issues as outlined in the Platform. I will also be on hand to fill in for the Chair when called upon.

Tracee Larson – 2017 Candidate for Communications Officer


As a lifelong progressive Democrat, I’d like to take what I do professionally and bring that to the Multnomah County Democratic Party in the official role as Communications Officer. I’ve had long-standing relationships with a number of media outlets, and we need to make sure our new County Party Chair is directly involved in actively providing commentary to the media. After this last election cycle, it’s also critical to determine where the Party goes next and how we develop cohesive messaging to work across the entire county, so I look forward to helping facilitate that discussion across all of our district leadership teams. Professional/volunteer background: – Worked in public relations and communications for the past 24 years, beginning as a member of the West Coast White House Advance Team in 1993, first as senior staff support to the White House Communications team, then working with the traveling White House Press Corps – Since 1998, I’ve worked for public relations agencies representing a wide array of clients (from start-ups to Fortune 50 entities), for companies (Texas Instruments and Eddie Bauer) in communications and brand marketing divisions, and as a communications consultant for a number of non-profits – Currently serve as VP for a communications firm with technology clients, creating and executing strategic communications and brand awareness plans that span across traditional media relations, social media programs, blogs and bylines – Active in the Portland animal rescue community (specializing in socializing feral cats, so I guess you could call me a cat herder), and member of the Portland Neighborhood Emergency Team program in the Creston-Kenilworth area – Many years of volunteer service, including Planned Parenthood and women’s health clinics as a patient escort, Portland’s Trauma Intervention Program as a grief counselor, and numerous Jewish Federations as a fundraiser and volunteer

Political Experience

– PCP: Been active in politics long before I was old enough to vote, and a PCP in Multnomah County from 1993-2000 and 2012-present (served as a PCP in Texas from 2000-2006 and 2008-2011) – Campaigns: Volunteered in numerous campaigns, including: Congressional, State Legislative and Metro; Statewide races for Gubernatorial and Senate candidates; and Federal campaigns starting with Mondale/Ferraro in 1984 and including voter outreach efforts in red states (Texas and Louisiana) – Slate cards: Since returning to Portland in 2012, I’ve dropped at least 2,000 slate cards in each general election, not only in my own house district (HD 42) but in other swing districts (HD 50 and 51) to ensure Democrats get elected. Having helped coordinate our County’s slate card programs in 2014 & 2016, I’ve seen firsthand how they are proven to generate higher turnout in those areas in which cards are dropped

Vision for the Multnomah County Democratic Party

It’s time we brought our County Party communications program into the 21st century. I envision: – Designing an updated website that’s more user friendly and highly informative – Building out a strong social media platform that conveys our messaging, activities, and encouragement for more involvement and participation across all Democrat-friendly allies – Dedicated areas of the website for each House District (HD), with pictures and profiles of each District Leadership team, districts maps, area resources, and contact information for elected officials – Developing a Communications Team with representatives from each HD managing communications on their own HD web pages – Working with each of the standing committees to develop their own sections of the website – Utilizing the Communications Team to create and publish a regular newsletter, featuring activities not only of the Party as a whole, but those events in various house districts encompassing the entire County

Matt Gitchell – 2017 Candidate for Tech Officer


I’m a 20-year tech industry veteran, having built projects for anything from museums to large corporations to small businesses with a lot in between. Having worked in the marketing sector the majority of my career, I have experience in the tools that a modern political organization should use to maximize its message. I’ve applied this in direct experience coding and managing large teams. Philosophically, this is the approach I would bring to this role: The way this country succeeds in the world is to bring its mighty citizenry to bear on its problems. The more of our citizenry we have in this fight, the better. The more of our people we as a county and as a country assist and encourage to succeed, the better. Equality makes us all stronger; ensuring access for those underserved means that America has a larger and stronger pool of people to draw from to propel it forward. The most effective way to spread ideas like that is through digital tools, through social media and a website and email campaigns. The main challenge we face in this realm is to convert something that people click on into something that people act on. The events and initiatives that we as a party undertake need to be reinforced by the way we represent them in the digital realm, something I feel isn’t necessarily happening with the party’s digital assets right now. I’d be honored to work for you in the party to more effectively represent our goals and enthusiasm in the digital realm.

Political Experience

Limited to canvassing, phone banking, and assorted nonprofit development work.

Vision for the Multnomah County Democratic Party

As the most dense and populous county in the state, I feel Multnomah County Democrats have a particular obligation to run the best party apparatus. Not only does that mean accomplishing our primary mission, serving those in our county, but providing leadership and resources to the rest of Oregon and Southwest Washington. The talent and vibrancy of this community should be reflected in the way the party represents itself online. As the steward of the digital presence, this would mean providing a useful and modern website with minimal barrier to entry, effective management of relevant lists and social media assets, all with a high level of attention to security and privacy concerns.