Community Action

Stephanie Nystrom for 2nd Vice Chair


While I have been performing the duties of 2nd Vice Chair since James Freed’s resignation, I have printed permanent name tags for all PCPs in order to aid with credentialing and reduce waste. I have also created an online PCP Interest Form to ensure that every applicant is appointed in a timely fashion (no more lost paper forms!) I have worked to create efficient room set-up, sign-in, and clean-up procedures at the current location of our Central Committee meetings, TaborSpace. I have worked with the Credentials Committee to create an accurate, efficient, and fair ballot-counting process for both the Ballot Measure Endorsements and to fill the 2nd Vice Chair vacancy. I would like to serve the last two months of this term of office as 2nd Vice Chair in order to continue this work. 

I strongly believe in the goal of the Multnomah County Democratic Party – electing Democrats. I am currently canvassing, fundraising, donating money, organizing mailings, distributing Slate Cards, and working to Get Out the Vote for several Democratic candidates and Measure 97. I respectfully ask for your vote so that I may continue doing the important work of the Party.

Leslie Davis for 2nd Vice Chair


I promise to serve you faithfully as Second Vice Chair. People who have seen me in leadership positions know that I encourage orderly participation, share power, get results, set an example for volunteer appreciation, and make it fun.

My ideas are simple. Let’s welcome every Democrat. Let’s hold meetings that are friendly, orderly, and productive. Let’s conduct the internal work of the Party with fairness and transparency. Let’s continue to provide active, enthusiastic support to our candidates.

I was first elected as a PCP in 2010. I have served on the Executive Committee as Assistant District Leader (ADL-1/HD43, 2010-2013) and as Celsi Chair (2014). I currently serve on the Rules and Budget/Finance Committees. I have assisted my district leader (the amazing Debbie Gordon, DL-45) by driving and walking our district, rounding up canvassers for east county campaigns, and dropping hundreds of slate cards.

The Second Vice Chair has heavy responsibilities. The main ones are credentialing and PCP record keeping. I encounter this level of detail daily in my work as a copy editor.

A vote for Leslie is an opportunity for a seamless and positive transition to new leadership in 2017.

Multnomah Democrats’ Ballot Measure Endorsements for November, 2016

The September 8th Central Committee meeting was largely devoted to understanding, debating and voting on positions to take on ballot measures on the 2016 General Election ballot. 95 Precinct Committee Persons took part. A position taken by the Party, to either support or oppose any measure, required a 2/3 vote for that position. Endorsed positions will appear on our slate cards, to be distributed to voters when ballots are mailed.

The Multnomah County Democratic Party endorses a “Yes” vote on each of these measures:

Statewide Referrals
Measure 94 – Judicial Retirement
Measure 95 – University Investment
Measure 96 – Veterans’ Services

Statewide Initiatives
Measure 97 – Corporate Income Tax
Measure 99 – Outdoor School Fund
Measure 100 – Endangered Species

Measure 26-178 – Metro Levy

City of Portland
Measure 26-179 – Affordable Housing
Measure 26-180 – Marijuana Tax

Multnomah County Charter Review
Measure 26-182 – Midterm Election
Measure 26-183 – Appointed Sheriff
Measure 26-184 – Contribution Limits

Special thanks to the Endorsement Task Force for compiling and presenting information on each measure, and the counting team that stayed up late to get results out promptly.

Coordinated Campaign 3rd Cong. Dist. Field Office Now Open

The 3rd Congressional District Field office is NOW OPEN!

They have lawn signs, bumper stickers and buttons for Hillary available, so if you or anyone you know wants them, you can get them here!

I’ve been told that there are no lawn signs for Brown, Avakian, or the other statewide candidates available yet, but they should be coming soon!!

Office address:
1735 NE 7th Avenue
Portland, OR 97212

Monday-Thursday: 10am-8:30pm
Friday-Sunday: 10am-6pm

They are also looking for phone bankers to make calls and may need some office help too.

Jessica is the field coordinator for the 3rd CD and she’ll be located at this office.


Multnomah County Official Ballot Drop Boxes

Official ballot boxes can be found here:

After you’ve dropped off your ballot, you can check on its status here:

And… If you lost your Voters’ Pamphlet, you can find it here:

All ballots must be received by your county elections office by 8 p.m. on May 17, 2016. Postmarks do not count.  

Celsi Nominations

Each year a Precinct Committee Person who emulates Dick Celsi’s dedication to the Party and to grassroots activism will be selected to receive the Dick Celsi Award. To be eligible for the award, a PCP must not have previously received the Award. State or County Democratic Party Officers shall be ineligible during their term for six months after their term in office ends.
Also, each year the MCDCC may present the Governor Barbara Roberts Young Democrat Award to a young Democrat who has significantly contributed as a volunteer for the MCDCC. To be eligible for the award, the recipient shall be no older than 37 years old by January 1st of the year of the Celsi Event.

Be the Change

Democratic policies and innovations can and do start with YOU.  In the Democratic Party of Oregon 2016 Platform Convention, delegates will discuss, debate and decide on what will be the top priorities for our Party as we move into the next year.  We were on the forefront of marriage equality, tuition equity and a number of progressive changes over the last years. The top priorities as decided by the Convention delegates (YOU!) will be at the top of the lobby list for the Party.
The Convention is coming up SOON (Friday eve. March 4- Sunday March 6, Hillsboro HS, Hillsboro)
Sign up here:
Got questions?  Email

Duties of Officers

Officer Duties: Multnomah County Democratic Party

The Officers of the Multnomah County Democratic Party fulfill roles often covered by staff in larger organizations.  As a team, they form the Administration Committee, which is charged with the executive functions of the Party, including contracting, enforcing rules and bylaws, managing and supervising activities and providing for the “day-to-day operation of the Party.” Oregon law provides that officers of political parties shall be treated as officers of nonprofit corporations for liability for all matters relating to the political party. The Chair and Treasurer have additional liability under campaign finance law. This list of duties is not all-inclusive, but provides a summary of what is involved.

The Chair’s duties include: presiding at all meetings, preparing agendas, acting as the principal spokesperson (with the support of the Communications Officer), appointing committee chairs (with Executive Committee approval), and working with the Administration Committee to supervise the business of the Party. Unwritten, but a fact of the political and fundraising world, is that the Chair is the point person on major fundraising to support the Party’s work. The Chair is also an automatic delegate to the State Central Committee, which meets quarterly in various locations around the State.

The First Vice-Chair’s duties include: Working with the Chair to be prepared to perform the Chair’s duties if needed and to assume the office of Chair in case of the Chair’s absence or incapacity, and implementing regular PCP training programs. The First Vice-Chair is also an automatic delegate to the State Central Committee.

The Second Vice-Chair’s duties include: Chairing the Credentials Committee, maintaining and updating Precinct Committee Person records, and coordinating with the County Elections Division to ensure that records are up-to-date.

The Communications Officer’s duties include: Coordinating external and internal Party communications and maintaining contact databases.

The Treasurer’s duties include: Being the custodian of all funds of the Party, ensuring that all reports are filed in accordance with campaign finance law, and reporting to the Central Committee on the Party’s financial status.

The Recording Secretary’s duties include: Preparing minutes of Central Committee, presenting draft minutes for approval at the following meeting, and maintaining an archive of meeting minutes.

The Technology Officer’s duties include: Managing the Party’s electronic assets, including website, office hardware and software, and other resources as needed.