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MultDems Call to Action: Clean Energy Jobs Bill Moment of Truth

We are so close to passage of the Clean Energy Jobs bill, but we need to continue to pressure our lawmakers to make the bill as strong as it can be! We are targeting the eight Democrats on the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction.

We need your help to ensure a highly effective bill passes out of the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction (JCCR) so that it can be voted on by the full Legislature.

Please send emails or messages to the following legislators on the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction. Create  individual messages addressed to each legislator. You can copy/paste all or part of the suggested language. Add your own language and personal experience.

Note that you are writing them as a citizen of Oregon. As members of the JCCR, they are charged with doing the right thing for all of Oregon.

Please do not use the CC email function as legislators dislike being copied along with multiple offices.

Senator Michael Dembrow, email

Senator Kathleen Taylor, email

Senator Jeff Golden, email

Senator Lee Beyer, email

Representative Karin Power, email

Representative Ken Helm, email

Representative Pam  Marsh, email

Representative John Lively, email

Suggested Language

Encourage these legislators by noting that Oregon has the opportunity to once again be a national leader as it once was on environmental issues like the Beach Bill and Bottle Bill and that HB 2020 can serve as a model for other states. Let them know that this legislation has the potential to be a legacy they will be proud of many years from now.

Ask them to pass the strongest possible climate legislation that addresses three essential needs and ensures that that bill:

  • Has a quickly declining cap and that we want that cap to lead to zero emissions in 2050,
  • Makes polluters pay – all major polluters need to be under the cap – no exemptions, and
  • Funds a just transition and ensures funds are targeted to those most impacted by climate change.

Urge these legislators to pass HB 2020 along with the 31 amendments. Let them know that you especially appreciate that HB 2020 now:

  • Includes 40% allocation for impacted communities
  • Keeps Covanta as a regulated entity,
  • Keeps semiconductor F gases subject to the cap,
  • Ensures that offsets must be real, permanent, quantifiable, verifiable, enforceable and additional,
  • Has a specific allocation for the Just Transition Fund to help workers, and
  • Retains the emergency clause so that the Oregon Climate Action Program will be in place immediately.

Ask them to not let this vital piece of legislation to be watered down and to resist the efforts of some of their colleagues to delay, mislead or confuse. Summarize by thanking them for their hard work and suggesting that passing this critical legislation by Earth Day would be a wonderful gift for Oregon and the planet.

MultDems Call to Action: Pass the National Popular Vote

Right now, March 2019, The Oregon State Senate has a key National Popular Vote (NPV) legislation bottled up in committee. If you believe in this issue Let them know you want the President decided by the popular vote, not the Electoral College

learn more at National Popular Vote web site which has 14 explanatory videos and answers to 131 myths about the bill.

MultDems Platform Supports the NPV

Under Article VI, Election Integrity and Legislative Accountability;

We stand for the principle of one person, one vote and believe every vote in every state should be counted equally in every election. We support the passage of the National Popular Vote in Oregon and across the nation.

Resolution in Support of HB2704 and SB870

On March 14, The Democratic Party of Multnomah County voted unanimously to support, as we did in 2017, the passage of NPV legislation here in Oregon. Download the resolution here to send to your legislators!

Multnomah County Democratic Central Committee Resolution: 2019-5 National Popular Vote

WHEREAS on five occasions the winner of the national popular vote for President of the United States did not become President, notably in 2016 and twice since 2000; and

WHEREAS the Electoral College violates the democratic principle of “one person, one vote,” giving unequal power to voters in different states such that it takes 3.2 times as many votes in California, the most populous state, to elect an elector as it does in Wyoming, the least populous state; and

WHEREAS shifting demographics make such mismatches between the popular vote and the electoral vote likely to happen with increasing frequency in the future; and

WHEREAS state’s winner-take-all laws result in “wasted” votes since any votes cast in excess of a simple majority in a state add nothing to the outcome and are therefore “wasted”; and

WHEREAS this effect is most profound in states that lean strongly toward one candidate; and

WHEREAS winner-take-all laws create “swing states,” in which small differences in voter preference can determine the election outcome for the entire country; and

WHEREAS due to their lopsided importance, swing states receive disproportionate numbers of candidate visits and vastly more campaign spending; and

WHEREAS because swing states are identified years in advance, political operatives have clear guidance on where to concentrate voter suppression efforts, voting machine hacking, and other types of election fraud; and

WHEREAS the current status quo within the Electoral College heightens a “red state/blue state” mentality, reinforcing an “us versus them” attitude and deepening perceived political divides; and

WHEREAS a majority of Americans support the idea that the winner of the national popular vote should be President; and

WHEREAS the Electoral College, as established in the U.S. Constitution would be difficult to repeal and replace with a popular national vote because a Constitutional Amendment requires ratification by ¾ of the state legislatures; and

WHEREAS an alternative that produces the same result is desirable; and

WHEREAS Article II of the U.S. Constitution assigns responsibility for selecting the method of choosing a state’s presidential electors explicitly to the State Legislature; and

WHEREAS In the entire history of the United States, every state winner-take-all statute, (and every other law, in every state, specifying the state’s method for choosing its presidential electors) has been enacted, amended, and repealed by action of the state legislature – not by initiative, referendum, or referral process.


The Multnomah County Democratic Party supports the passage of HB 2704 and SB 870, which “Enacts Interstate Compact for Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote” and directs their representatives in the Oregon Legislature to pass, and Governor Brown to sign, National Popular Vote legislation this session, with no amendment relating to referring this issue to the voters.

Note #1: The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact has been enacted into law in 11 states and the District of Columbia, representing 172 electoral votes (CA, CT, DC, HI, IL, MA, MD, NJ, NY, RI, VT and WA). Legislation has passed both chambers in Colorado and New Mexico in the past month and enactment is expected by their Governors. The addition of these states would bring the total electoral votes committed to the compact to 186. Oregon’s seven electoral votes would bring the total to 193.

Note #2:  National Popular Vote legislation, identical to SB 870 and HB 2704, has passed the Oregon House of Representatives during the 2009, 2013, 2015 and 2017 legislative sessions.

Adopted on March 14, 2019.

Knock on doors with us in East County! #BlueWave

The weekend Multnomah Democrats are knocking on doors for East County candidates for state legislature. Join us and help build the Blue Wave!

Canvass for HD 51 State Representative Janelle Bynum starting Saturday, 11am at Happy Valley Park

Canvass for HD 52 State House Candidate Anna Williams starting Saturday, 11 am at Kane Park in Gresham. RSVP Here.

Canvass for SD 26 State Senate Candidate Chrissy Reitz this Saturday, 10 AM at Summerfield Park in Happy Valley.

Phone Banking for Jamie McLeod-Skinner July 26

Photo of Jamie McLeod-Skinner

Help Democrats win the US House by phone banking for Jamie McLeod-Skinner! Jamie is running against Greg Walden in Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District. She will be our champion for living wage, strong unions; job creation shifting to clean energy jobs; affordable health care; gun safety; affordable education; and the rights of DREAMers. Please join us for a night meaningful action, making phone calls to voters on behalf of Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Oregon!

Thurs July 26
5:30 to 8:00 PM
232 NE 9th, Portland

Training as well as light refreshments will be provided. We hope to see you there. Together, let’s win back Congress!

Can’t make it to the phone bank? You can still help out! Click the button below to volunteer.

Volunteer for Jamie

Stand up for families and children separated by ICE!

Children in cages sleeping in space blankets

We ALL must become active and engaged TODAY! There is no more excuse for not doing something every single day. Being in denial that this is happening to our country or that we can’t do anything is over. The excuse that we are too busy with work, our own families, or it is just too much or too upsetting to follow is OVER. We must all find a place in the movement to take back our country. For those who are already actively involved, we must push ourselves to take our activism and fight even more. We do not get to sit in privilege anymore.

Val Hoyle Wins!

Our new Bureau of Labor and Industries commissioner in Oregon

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped get the vote out in this race, and to all the voters who cast their ballots for Val. You made a big difference for workers!

Val Hoyle for BOLI Commissioner Canvas, Saturday April 28

Val Hoyle for Oregon logo

Knock Doors for Val Hoyle

For Commissioner, Bureau of Labor and Industries

Saturday April 28th 10:00 AM
Oregon Labor Center
3645 SE 32nd Ave in Portland

Val Hoyle for Oregon logo
If Val Hoyle wins the May Primary with over 50% of the vote, then she wins the race outright. Help put the only Democrat in the race over the top, and win one early!

For more information, contact Chelsea Watson at 503-232-1195 x 310 or

There will be another AFL-CIO Canvas on May 12th. There will also be a slate card drop effort run by the Multnomah Democrats. Watch this website for more information!