Wlnsvey Campos

WLnsvey Campos

WLnsvey Campos

Oregon Senate

Senate District 18

Why I'm running.

I have served in the State Legislature as the State Representative for House District 28 since 2021. During this time, I championed legislation including cover all people, the earned income tax credit expansion, addressing racial disparities in housing, 100% clean energy, and policies to address tenant rights and safety.

Our community needs comprehensive, system-levels policies to address the root causes of our housing challenges, our education system, healthcare, and the climate crisis. We need people with lived experiences to spearhead these policies, which is why I am running to represent my community, Senate District 18, in the State Legislature.

My top 3 priorities.

Addressing Oregon’s Housing Crisis:
• Increase/preserve affordable housing
• Address chronic homelessness

Expanding Affordable Healthcare Access:
• Expand the Oregon Health Plan
• Protect/expand access to abortion and comprehensive reproductive healthcare
• Price limits on prescription drugs

Environmental Protections:
• Transportation solutions to reduce carbon/congestion
• Incentivize a green economy
• Centering those disproportionately impacted by climate change/p

Why voters should choose me.

I’ve spent nearly a decade in this community advocating for affordable housing, working with youth on increasing equitable education outcomes, and securing affordable health care for Oregon families.

As a legislator, renter, worker with two jobs, and the daughter of immigrants, the issues that face Oregonians aren’t abstract to me; I’ve lived them, and I’ve worked in Salem to address them. I will continue to fight for our community in the State Senate.