Wilson Bright

Wilson Bright

Oregon Governor


Why I'm running.

To try to challenge the current conventional thinking on how poverty reduction could take place. To challenge, the responsibilities and expectations of our school system. Schools open 52 weeks a year, school daycare, three meals a day. To open up debate on what is more compassionate “to use shelter as a way to force sobriety or is it a subsidy to do more hard drugs”. Shelters and rehab in the countryside. To convince it is better to move people into ownership of housing rather than subsidizing landlords and never creating wealth. Rent to own.

My top 3 priorities.

To end homelessness in a good way. To force rehab if a person is homeless just as a parent would want. Give them a safe place with guaranteed jobs and a chance to come back to society. To revolutionize the school system for the good of the people.

Why voters should choose me.

Our state is declining in education, the streets are full of trash, with people living everywhere. We decriminalized drugs only to see more problems. Oregonians are a great people with open minds and caring souls, but it is time we re-evaluate and choose new leadership with new ideas.