William Barlow III

William Barlow III

US Senate

Why I'm running.

More than 40 years since Senator Wyden was elected to the U.S. Congress, polls of registered Oregon voters show a whopping 88% feel their quality of life is declining. William understands why. He, like so many Oregonians, is witness to Senator Wyden’s tenure: homelessness, low wages, historic inflation, record-high tuition, violent crime, and extreme weather. In 2016 Trump made the statement “only I can fix it”. It was right to condemn his statement and it is right to condemn Senator Wyden’s presumption. No lone politician can fix it, but all together – we will.

My top 3 priorities.

Homelessness and inflation: The Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee must be held accountable for the highest rate of inflation in 40 years.

Crime and violence: Figuratively and literally our communities are dying.

Corruption: Currently, voter’s rights are an absurd pretense to the gerrymandered election of an indefinite incumbent.

Why voters should choose me.

Remember 88% of registered Oregon voters feel their quality of life is declining yet the dean of the United States congressional delegation from Oregon refuses to relinquish his chair. Worse, the elder statesman is disenfranchising qualified candidates. Free and fair elections are essential democratic principles that ardent supporters of democracy fight their whole life to protect. Put simply, it is not reasonable for Senator Wyden to be running for a fifth term. Moral foes of democracy allow their ambitions to dominate the lives of many – forty years: one congressman. 88% declining. A fifth term? 88%… enough said.